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Dragon Fin Soup

Recipe for adventure… Unravel the mysteries of Asura in a twisting tale of betrayal and murder.

  • PS4
  • Also onPS3 PS Vita
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Grimm Bros.
  • Developer: Grimm Bros.
Crude Humor
Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood
Strong Language
Use of Alcohol
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Game Overview

Simply irresistible

Quench your thirst for adventure

Serve up an adventure with juicy chunks of tactical combat and spicy randomly generated maps wrapped in a charming role-playing game inspired by twisted fantasy and fairy tale.

With a scrummy blend of activities including crafting, fishing and mining, plus succulent storytelling and tangy weather effects, Dragon Fin Soup is a diverse and delicious delight.

Inspired by Red Riding Hood, the feisty lead character Red Robin lost her memory in an unfortunate accident, and has been left to rediscover the mysteries of a strange land set on a giant space turtle called Asura…


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©2015 Grimm Bros, LLC. Dragon Fin Soup is a trade mark of Grimm Bros, LLC. Created and developed by Grimm Bros, LLC.


Dragon Fin Soup

  • Dragon Fin Soup

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