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Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive is an intense space shoot’em up that challenges you to fight across two battlefields on one split screen. Instantly switch between them to dodge waves of bullets, reach secret areas, or surprise your enemies. Take up the challenge solo or team up with a friend and enjoy the local co-op experience.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / Shooter
  • Publisher: LBC Games AB
  • Developer: 2Awesome Studio
Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
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Get ready to jump into the new dimension of Shmup


Not your average bullet hell game

With its unique teleportation mechanism, Dimension Drive challenges your skills in a fun and entirely new way. Instantly switch from one screen to another to dodge bullets, surprise and destroy all your enemies or reach secret areas.


Move on to the next level with a local co-op partner

Team up with a friend to enjoy an even more challenging experience. Stay together on the same screen to give hell to your enemies or split up to grab as much loot as possible!

The challenge never ends!

Climb the global leaderboards in four different difficulty modes, ranging from Normal for a balanced challenge to Insane for whoever can take the pain. Still too easy? Once you have completed the 13 levels of the story campaign, step into the 13 zones of the Mirror Dimension in New Game+.



  • Space shoot’em up action switching between two battlefields on one split screen
  • Play solo or in local co-op
  • 13 levels of story campaign and 13 more in New Game+ mode
  • Online leaderboards and four difficulty modes offer the ultimate challenge
  • Advanced gameplay strategies including Drift and Reverse Drive to test your skill
  • Find secret data cubes to unlock and power-up new weapons like the Flack Shotgun or the Pulse Cannon
  • Unfold the secrets of the Dimension Drives in a rich sci-fi adventure
  • Created by two ex-space engineers

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