As the year comes to a close, the City takes a moment to thank its Guardians by decorating the Tower and leaving gifts. Organized games unite Guardians in friendly competition to become legends. Celebrate your Light.

Every day from December 13 to January 3, find new gifts from City citizens to open in the Tower.


Sparrow Racing League Returns

This year’s celebrations coincide with the return of SRL, and Amanda Holliday has prepared two brand new tracks.


Haakon Precipice

This steep mountain pass was once used by some of the more thrill-seeking Iron Lords. Expect increased attention from the Devil Splicers and an errant forklift.


Shining Sands

A twisting track located in a region of Mercury overrun by Vex with multiple paths and portals. The SRL is not responsible for any permanent reality alterations.


Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring

The Vanguard calls upon you to set new records and give fledgling Guardians a pinnacle to reach.

SIVA Crisis, SIVA Crisis Heroic and Nightfall Strikes will now track your score. Earn new Medals and Bounties with your fireteam. Work together and earn a spot on the weekly Nightfall Leaderboard. Glory awaits the swift and fierce.



Treasures of the Dawning

Even in the darkest night, you can shine through with Dawning themed armor. Earn new Sparrows like the solid gold EV-48 King’s Touch and customize them with new Horns. Break the ice with all new weapon Ornaments. See more at Eververse.

EV-48 King’s Touch Sparrow