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Demon Gaze II

Wield the power of the Demon Gazer, lead the revolution, and liberate Asteria's citizens from the tyrannical rule of Magnastar!

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
  • Developer: Kadokawa Games
Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Partial Nudity
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol
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Game Overview

The sequel to the dungeon crawling RPG Demon Gaze, Demon Gaze II, begins with the player finding out that he wields the power of the Demon Gazer, allowing the player to capture demons and control the demons to fight through various dungeons. The Revolutionist Party, led by Muse, wants to liberate the citizens of Asteria by defeating the tyrannical rule of Magnastar. Lead your party through mysterious dungeons, level up your demons and gain loot, and take back Asteria for the people.


Story Details

Blessed by the sun and sea, One nation enjoys complete harmony - Asteria. Behind the facade of peace, exploitation of the people was rampant, and from their pain, the demons were born.

Seeking to unmask the evil and create a revolution, one group stood tall... They were known as the Revolutionist Party.


Gameplay Details

Demon Synergy

As the Demon Gazer, turn foes to allies and power them up using Demonize, or fuse with them using Demon Cross!

Dungeon-Crawling Made for Everyone

Whether you are a newcomer or a hardened DRPG veteran, utilize modes like Autopilot to customize your adventure!

Love On The Battlefield

Power up your demons and develop relationships with your closest companions, even leading to dating events!



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Licensed to and published by NIS America, Inc.

Demon Gaze is a registered trademark of Kadokawa Games, Ltd.