Game Overview

The story begins 30 years after a series of Spacequakes that were caused by Spirits. Shido encounters one and learns that he has the ability to seal away a Spirit's powers. Shido is determined to save the world, and the Spirits, with the power of love!

Choose Your Fate – Pick from 11 characters and over 150 dating events! Get to know the Rio Reincarnation exclusive character, Rio!

Find Your Route – The choices you make can affect Shido’s overall destiny! Choose wisely and find the true endings!

Light Novels – The 3 light novels: Rinne’s Bathtime, Arusu’s Quest, and Rio Reunion are included in-game and are now localized in English!

There’s More?! – Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install will be included in Rio Reincarnation! Experience new date endings and Event CGs in Rio Reincarnation!

Game Editions

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