Crime Boss: Rockay City

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  • Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)

What is Crime Boss: Rockay City?

A '90s-inspired organized crime game starring some of the biggest names of the era.

Take on the role of rising underworld star, Travis Baker (Michael Madsen), as you set your sights on becoming the new king of Rockay City. 

In the solo roguelike campaign you'll employ strategy and firepower to carry out cunning heists and claim turf from rival gang leaders, all while trying to evade capture by the tenacious Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris).

Work with your team of planners and handlers, and discover how they each ended up in Rockay City in thrilling flashback missions. Alternatively, form your own gang in online PVE multiplayer and work together to stage audacious robberies.

Crime Boss: Rockay City key features

A star-studded cast of criminals

Fight alongside and against a who's who of '90s Hollywood talent, including Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice.

Take on daring heists

Engage in a range of exciting heist missions, from sneaking onto yachts to score contraband to securing priceless artifacts, as you make your way up the criminal ladder.

Make your fortune together

Engage in risky hits and heists with up to four players in PVE co-op multiplayer, where careful coordination makes the difference between failure and fortune.

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