In this town you've gotta think BIG!

Empire State Building

Take on the role of a budding property developer and build yourself up from minor-league housing crook to interplanetary property tycoon, wheeling, dealing and thieving all the way.

Getting to number one is easy if you know how – it just might not be legal!

Use a variety of sneaky methods to do over the competition, from a selection of Undesirables to calling in the Mob when you need a more heavy-handed approach…

Huge range of over 140 buildings; from Trailers to Skyscrapers. Build bigger. Build higher!

  • 65 pre-built towns and cities to explore
  • 17 Worlds
  • 15 different story modes
  • Customise your own game world using the town designer
  • Learn the ropes with 9 interactive scenarios and guided tutorial mode

Build your power base here on Earth, then reach for the stars. Constructor Plus will take you out of this world!

Game Overview

The idea in the Constructor series is to manage a construction company and build houses while managing your resources such as wood, cement, brick and steel. You then have to keep your tenants happy and manage their properties for them, collecting rent or expanding your team by breeding either new workers or tenants.

The other teams are either computer controlled (Online and offline game play) and/or played by other players online (Online multi-player is format dependant). Each team can fight each other over land usage and the council will also set you tasks where you earn credits for succeeding in their missions. This, in addition to the rent you earn, can be turned into cash.

To help OR to hinder you, either side has the use of Undesirables that you can use to frustrate your opponents and/or take them or their properties out. The variety of Undesirables increases as you build your way up the resources, from wooden only houses up to high end commissions. You also can build a Mob HQ and contribute money to mob hits and/or build a Police HQ to put police on your neighbourhood blocks to protect your citizens from attack from the enemy.

Game Editions

We are producing 20 Bonus city missions which will be released as free DLC, released at 2 week intervals of 5 levels at a time.
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