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Constant C is a 2D Puzzle Action game . Players use "the gravity charge" and "time field" mechanics to control the momentum of various objects in order to proceed various stage.

  • PS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Arcade
  • Publisher: MAGES.
  • Developer: IGS
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Game Overview

Constant C is a 2-D puzzle platformer set in a futuristic space station where time stops and all objects around you became motionless. Your task is to control a robot to navigate through each stage of the game and overcome obstacles using special devices that granted you the ability to restore time and defies gravity.



Story Details

In a distant future, a scientific research devoted to the Superluminal Space Station had an accident, the time inside the space station has been completely suspended. Players play a Crisis Rescue Robot equipped with a rotating gravity remote and an ability to make time re-flow locally. In order to prevent enlargement, the player must pass various challenges to repair the space station. Progressing through the game, players will unlock cut scenes and get a better understanding of the Space Station before the disaster occurred, as well as the secret behind the incident.


Gameplay Details

It is the main Artificial Intelligence that controls the space station, though before the coming of the main character it was in a hibernation state. It will help the Rescue Robot with all the information needed to complete all the tasks and to solve all the mysteries and it will the most reliable and trustworthy ally. It has a hilarious and hyperactive personality; it will often say words of encouragement to the main character as well as providing sarcastic and mocking comments on his actions. As the game goes further, the A.I. Control and the Rescue Robot will discover more and more hidden secrets that lie in the deep of the Space Station and, who knows, some of these secrets may be directly related with the A.I. itself.



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