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Chili Con Carnage™

  • PSP
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Developer: TBC
Drug Reference
Strong Language
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Go loco in the seedy underworld of Los Toros in the spiciest handheld action game on the PSP & reg; system! As Ramiro Cruz an unlikely, yet self-assured hero, avenge the assassination of your father by creating maximum damage in the inner circles of the local kingpin Cesar Morales’ drug cartel. Along the way Ram will encounter deadly gunfights, huge explosions, combustible cars, busty bikini babes and a deeper, more deadly plot that must be stopped. Mixing one part comedy, two parts intensity and a splash of tequila ‘n lime, it’s the most daring action-shooter game on either side of the border!

Key Features

  • The fastest handheld shooter ever featuring Bullet-time, Headshot, Targeting & Shoot-dodge actions.
  • Super spicy gameplay – Battle nasty desperados, drug guerillas, renegade cops & more.
  • Perform crazy, gravity-defying spicy moves and unleash spectacular Loco actions like “Sombrero of Death”, “Golden Gun”, the “Burrito Blast” combo & more. Link multiple combos for massive bonuses!
  • Lethal weapons galore - Punch, shoot and drive through the seedy Los Toros underworld loaded with a variety of guns, explosives and power-ups.
  • Colorful Cast – Unforgettable characters including megalomaniacal crime-lords, mustachioed mercenaries, chemically mutated super-Mama’s and more!
  • Super cool beats – Experience a super hot Mexican underground through bleeding-edge, hip-hop music tracks from Control Machete, Molotov and Delinquent Habit.
  • Vibrant 3-D Environments - Featuring 19 missions in 7 exotic, colorful and exciting locations spanning from sprawling city environments, dusty farmland to dense jungles. Four game modes – Two challenging single player modes: EL GRINGO LOCO and EL MACHO plus two dynamic multi-player modes: DONKEY and FIESTA (WI-Fi).

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