Welcome to Misty Falls!

Somewhere in the deep forests of North America, between the small village of Misty Falls, small creeks and waterfalls and far off the long windy roads, lies the beautiful lake Whispering Waters.


Use the unique rowing mechanics to find the best fishing spots and explore the beautiful environment.


Throw the line out and attract a fish – Your interactive fishing rod offers you full control, with different bait and lures and very immersive haptic feedback.


Catch the biggest fish, fight to reel them in, but don’t let them snap the line and escape! You’ll need strategy and finesse to tire them out if you want to make the greatest catch!


Original soundtrack with over 30 tracks playing on the in-game boat radio.


Find trash or treasure. The lake hides more than just fish!

What else?

If you want to take a break from chasing the catch of the century, just sit and relax. Listen to the radio, skip stones, have a drink. Outside of missions, there is no timer to stress you out. Remember …

It’s just you. On a lake.

For the past 17 years, we have established ourselves as a renowned game-services company that helped developers with their games. We have always prided ourselves of being busy supporting the best and biggest games over the last two decades. When the Virtual Reality hardware and software started to become a serious contender, we decided to grow our expertise in this field and launch a VR project. This became the project called “Catch & Release.” Our goal was to bring virtual fishing to the PS VR audience. We feel that “Catch & Release” is a virtual reality fishing experience like no other - it combines the inherently relaxing activity of fishing on a lake with beautiful surroundings and game mechanics that take a step back to let the player enjoy their time on a virtual fishing trip freely and without stressful distractions like timers or forced missions. In short, we feel that this project allows us to grow as a game-services company in the VR industry. The game features one of the most beautiful environments in VR, brought to life with dense nature, local fauna (such as geese and bears) and diverse, interesting fishing spots and landscape features. The colorful artstyle supports the goal of immersing the player in a peaceful world free from stressful distractions and lets players engage with the game the way they feel like.

Players can enjoy their time in the game freely, or they can pick up missions and challenges to progress and unlock new gear and items for themselves.

We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did in making it!

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