The Blitzkrieg Event has arrived in Call of Duty®: WWII

The enemy is knocking on the door, so Command has issued new Orders: gather your squad, hit the frontlines, and earn some extra rewards for your effort. Captain Butcher is back to help, and he has six brand new weapons to use in the firefights of Ground War, a new limited-time 9-on-9 game mode. The fighting has even reached HQ -- starting April 17, the HQ is a free playable map for Prop Hunt, Gun Game, and Free For All modes. The Blitzkrieg Event is available until Tuesday, May 8.


Introducing Zombies Orders & Contracts

New Contracts and Orders are now available for Nazi Zombies. Fight back the undead horde and earn more rewards and unlockables as you go. Make sure to pick up new Contracts and Orders in the Nazi Zombies menu before you play!