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Call of Duty Points

The Quartermaster has fresh customization items available now.

Deadly new Prototype Weapons offer even more ways to wreak havoc on the competition while unique Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Taunts take your customization game to the next level.

Visit the Quartermaster to get your hands on the latest items and find a new favorite today.


New Prototype Weapons

The Quartermaster has all new Prototype Weapons available now.

From sniper rifles to hand-cannons, new Prototypes offer more ways to find the best weapon to fit your playstyle. Plus, as always, there are added Gun Perks. For example, try out a new gun perk on the EBR-800 Bomber that allows you charge up quickly and release three shots quickly with low recoil.

Don’t forget – there are more ways than ever to get the latest weapons. You can use Salvage to build your weapon of choice in the Prototype Lab. Or, head to the Quartermaster to exchange Keys (earned in MP gameplay) or COD Points purchased from the in-game store for Supply Drops. 


New Epic Taunts

You worked hard to get to the front of the Winner’s Circle. Make sure your competition remembers your victory.

New Epic Taunts are the best way to add extra flair to an already exceptional MP performance.


New Weapon Camos

Take your customization game to the next level with all new Weapon Camos. Equip the Jam Camo and add some extra color for every enemy you take out.