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Play first on PS4

Harness the power of digital disruption in Operation Absolute Zero, a chilling new season of content for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.

Hack the Fight

Reprogram the flow of combat with the hacking abilities of Zero, a new Specialist that can be used in Multiplayer and Blackout. Zero can disrupt and distract enemies with powerful hacking tools in Multiplayer, potentially changing the flow of battle in crucial moments.

Blackout Map Updates

Hijacked is the newest destination in Blackout, inspired by the intense classic multiplayer map. Loot the luxury yacht to gear up for a firefight, then battle your opponents on your way to the final circle. Also, hop into Blackout’s new armored vehicle once you’re back on dry land.

Festive Holiday Event

After Operation Absolute Zero arrives, the Holidays will come to Blackout which includes throwable snowballs to mount a festive assault on your opponents. Be on the lookout for all the surprises the map has to offer during this limited-time Holiday event.

New Black Market Gear

Operation Absolute Zero brings a powerful Assault Rifle and a fast-firing SMG to the Black Market. Plus, collect new tactical Outfits, new personalization accessories, new characters to use in Blackout, and special gift-wrapped melee weapons — just in time for the Holidays.