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Boss! is a frenzied virtual monster game, where players assume the role of a customizable gigantic monster attempting to destroy the magical kingdom.

  • PS Vita
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Fair Play Labs
  • Developer: Fair Play Labs
Fantasy Violence
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Game Overview

Create and evolve the meanest (or funniest or coolest) princess-eating monster in this humorous frantic-action game and show it to the world!

Boss is a frenzied virtual monster game, where players assume the role of a gigantic monster attempting to destroy the magical kingdom.

Once players have designed and given life to their creature, they will explore the quirky environments of Trogon Kingdom and fight hordes of brave heroes and powerful wizards defending each region.

As you battle your way thru Trogon Kingdom you collect coins to buy items to customize and evolve your Boss.

Princesses beware – they are the monster’s most favorite food in this fun, role-reversal game!


Gameplay Details

Boss! has the following key features:

  • 20 Colorfully Drawn Scenarios: Destroy enemies throughout vibrant cartoony levels in four themed environments: Forest, Ice, Village, Castle, Christmas and Halloween!
  • Collect Coins to Evolve, Customize and Buy Items: Collect coins and use the in-game store to buy evolutions, outfits, weapons and other fancy stuff to upgrade your monster and then brag about it! And of course, you will also gain extra super powers.
  • Customize and Evolve Your Boss: Modify his face, arms, legs and body to make him the meanest (funniest or coolest) looking monster around!
  • Buy Items: Equip your monster with new weapons, abilities and outfits ranging from helmets and armor to weapons and shields.
  • Battle Hordes of Heroes and Wizards: Use your customized monster to attack those trying to take you down. Wipe out swarms of wacky tiny enemies and eat interfering princesses to regain health!
  • Special Powers: Breathing fire and stomp attacks are just two of the special attacks that make your monster more destructive than ever!

Includes 3 unlockable Mini Games!

  • Falling Heroes – The heroes are going to activate their final weapon against Boss! They need 5 heroes to do it. Don’t let them reach it!
  • Run Hero Run – Boss is low on health and he will eat anything, you better not be around. Escape from Boss!
  • Arena – The games have started! It is just you and hundreds of heroes. Fight the hordes of heroes!


The logo, texts and graphical elements of the game are Copyright © 2014 of Fair Play Labs S.A. All rights reserved.