Game Overview

Take to the air! 
A wild witch rally begins: Bibi and her friends leap onto their broomsticks and explore exciting worlds. With mysterious witches' potions and turbulent aerial maneuvers, they zoom through the age of the dinosaurs, the Orient, and Transylvania. Whizz-whizz, and off they go!

  • Fly through 3 adventurous worlds on 12 daredevil tracks
  • Dash through the age of the dinosaurs, discover the colorful Orient, and scare yourself in Transylvania!
  • Choose from 8 characters and 8 broomsticks with different flight characteristics
  • Multiplayer mode for 1-4 players: Witch rally, single race, and team race
  • BONUS: Unlock 2 bonus tracks and whiz through the clouds and space

Game Editions

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