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Bedlam - The Game by Christopher Brookmyre

BEDLAM is a unique FPS game based on a novel of the same name by cult Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: Vision Games Publishing
  • Developer: RedBedlam
Strong Language
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Trapped in a world of video games, desperate to find a way back home, you have to genre-hop to escape. Will you make it? Or will you be trapped here forever? Here's where you find out..




In Bedlam, players take on the role of Heather Quinn (aka Athena), a programmer at medical scanning developer Neurosphere, who finds herself transported into the world of Starfire: a nineties FPS she remembers from her teen years. Searching for an explanation and a way home, she ventures beyond Starfire, to discover a vast realm of interconnected game worlds documenting the evolution of the FPS genre and of video games in general.



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Bedlam - The Game by Christopher Brookmyre

  • Bedlam - The Game by Christopher Brookmyre

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Bedlam: The Game by Christopher Brookmyre. Copyright 2015 by Redbedlam Vision 1 Limited. All rights reserved. Published and distributed by Vision Games Publishing LTD.