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Battle Worlds: Kronos

Battle Worlds: Kronos is a turn-based strategy game that stays true to its hexagonal-roots, inspired by classics like Battle Isle. The planet is once again torn by war, for the succession of a new emperor. Its destiny is in your hands!

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: Nordic Games
  • Developer: Nordic Games
Fantasy Violence
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Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

hone your tactical hex-field mind, test and train your strategic skills in various 'Challenge Maps'.

Huge Variety

More than 50 different infantry, ground, naval and airborne units, as well as buildings, many of which can be upgraded to obtain new capabilities.

Additional hardware required for Remote Play.

Strong Opponents, Long Playtime

Prepare to fight epic battles against tough AI enemies in three huge campaigns, with over 60 hours of gameplay. Includes the full DLC-campaign 'Trains'!

An Epic War From Two Perspectives

Experience the two sides of a battle while making use of multiple combat styles, from dominating a civilization with epic tactical warfare, to saving your planet from superior military forces with clever guerrilla tactics




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