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  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • Developer: GameCoder Studios
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Millions of inhabitants of the Solar System look forward to the new season of Attractio. Attractio is the reality show where contestants solve deadly puzzles; so deadly in fact, there’s only one way they can leave there with their lives: to win. Men and women risk their lives in live TV, desperate for a better life. This season: Keir, a man with a humble origin, looks for the monetary prize. Mia, a policewoman from mars, wants to take home the advanced technology prize. Dalek, a dangerous criminal, plays to win his freedom back. Each one will have to solve different deadly puzzles using different gadgets that will allow them to manipulate gravity. Attractio takes place in the amazing Entertainment Space Station (ESS), an artificial satellite orbiting Mars. This station was created specifically for Attractio and is the only place that meets the requirements to host games with gravity manipulation. As usual, Darius will be the host of this exciting reality show.




Attractio is the new mind-bending single player game, from indie developer GameCoder Studios and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment, where the player has to solve challenging puzzles by manipulating gravity. This fresh and innovative game will change your perception of physics and reality.

In Attractio each object has its own gravity direction, which can be changed by the player. The interaction between objects with different gravity directions presents various possibilities. Thus, the player can solve each puzzle across the game in many different ways. Some examples of these possibilities are:

Creating a zero-g object by colliding two objects of the same weight with opposite gravity directions.


Softening the character’s landing using a box with a gravity direction perpendicular to a wall. This happens due to the friction between the wall and the box while falling.

Gravity-Boxes: A special kind of box that, when touched by another box, switches the second box’s gravity direction. This is useful to automate some mechanics within the game and perform simultaneous tasks.

The player will be able to play with three different characters, each one with different abilities, adding variety to the puzzles. Some puzzles can be solved by a contestant alone, but for some others the player will need to switch between the contestants. Attractio has a unique gameplay and puzzles that will entertain the player for hours.



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