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Armored Core 2 Another Age

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Agetec
  • Developer: TBC
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Armored Core 2: Another Age brings the action back to Earth in this highly anticipated sequel. The Earth Government is struggling with the powerful Corporations for control of the planet - and they desperately need help from the Ravens.

  • Players take the role of the Ravens, mercenaries who fight for the highest bidders. Soon, the players will have everything they need to carve a new niche in the Armored Core saga.
  • Over Boost--a new AC specification to give your mech several times the speed.
  • Garage--The parts categories have been increased to 14 types, including three new types not available with the previous version.
  • Creating Emblems--Put in greater detail with bigger emblem maps.

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