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Arcade Party Pak

  • PS One
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: TBC
Animated Violence
Animated Blood
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From the original skating game to the only river toob runner to the game show with guns, the Midway Arcade Party Pack is a compilation of some of the greatest arcade games ever to suck pizza parlor tokens from your pocket. A few of the games are even good enough to stand on their own. You get six Midway classics from the late & #8216;80s and early & #8216;90s, so for retro gamers wanting some than just old 8-bit clunkers, this pack is jam-packed with goodness.

First off is Toobin', a river runner game where players float lazily down a rapid-filled river on an inner tube. Then there's the addictive puzzler Klax that will have you sweating those rolling cubes in your nightmares. Racing fans will remember the super-fast and challenging Super Sprint, while skaters need, need, need to get their hands on the only successful translation of the immortal boarder's delight, 720 -- only the DUALSHOCK controller is able to truly duplicate the control of the arcade game. Rampage makes its presence felt with Earth-rumbling action and window-bashing carnage. But maybe the real clincher of the group is a direct translation of Smash Tv, the super-sweet, visceral, carnal shooter that could easily stand out as its own game. Using the DUALSHOCK analog controller really gives you that double-fisted gunning action of the arcade, and the graphics and sounds are all up to their ahead-of-its-time original. Good luck -- you'll need it!


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