Apex Legends

Season 2

Get ready for a shock: the newest Legend, a brand-new Ranked mode, an improved Battle Pass, and more are dropping into the Apex Arena for Season 2.

Apex Legends - Season 2 Key Art
Charge into an electrifying new season!

Meet the latest Legend, Wattson, and see how she controls the flow of battle like an electric current. Then climb to the top in a brand-new Ranked mode, get your hands on the L-STAR (the arena’s freshest weapon), dig into an improved Battle Pass, and do it all in a very different Kings Canyon.

The Repulsor Tower is down and beasts have taken over the arena. They’re leveling buildings, hoarding loot, and changing Kings Canyon forever – but the Games go on. Duck and weave through the chaos and find new ways to get a jump on your enemies.

L-Star - Apex Legends Season 2 weapon
New Weapon


This powerful energy weapon hits hard with hefty plasma bolts, and it only takes a few to put down an entire squad. That power comes at a price, because sustained fire causes it to overheat and briefly stop working. But if you time your shots right, you’ll take your enemies out before things start to heat up.

New Mode

Ranked Mode

Put your skills to the test in Ranked mode. Climb through six different competitive tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator) and earn exclusive rewards at the end of each season based on where you place.

New Character

Meet Wattson

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is a familiar face in the Apex Games: daughter of the Games’ lead electrical engineer, she eventually became a skilled engineer herself and helped build the Apex Arena’s Modified Containment Ring. Now, she fights alongside her friends in an arena she knows inside and out.

Her Perimeter Security ability allows her to set up electric fences that damage and slow enemies, while her Interception Pylon Ultimate blocks incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields.

Apex Legends - Battle Pass Key Art
Apex Legends - Coins

Improved Battle Pass

Over 100 exclusive rewards are waiting in the Season 2 Battle Pass! Earn Legend skins, weapon skins, banner frames, and more as you play – everything you grab before the season’s over is yours to keep permanently. Starting in Season 2, you can level up faster with Daily and Weekly Challenges, gain even more Legendary skins, and score rewards from three fresh content categories like emotes and music.

It’s all yours for 950 Apex Coins, or you can get the Battle Pass Bundle (2,800 Apex Coins) to unlock the first 25 levels of the Battle Pass automatically.