Game Overview

Looking at a picture on a wall
“AFFECTED: The Manor” is not just a collection of routine jump scares, but a series of unfolding events and environments that have been specifically designed to utilize the strengths of Virtual Reality. 

You won’t get lost in “The Manor” or have to spend time looking at level maps to navigate your way. If a door is open, then that’s the way to go. Once again we feel that removing the frustrating element of finding keys to open doors really does immerse players deeper into our experience.

All of the above has shaped “AFFECTED: The Manor” into what it is today an immersive, easy to play experience that you will want your friends to play as much as you want to play yourself.

Game Editions

EU Trade Mark No. 016525776 for the mark AFFECTED in classes 9, 25, 28, 35, 41 and 42 in the name of Fallen Planet Studios Limited - Registration