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A Bastard's Tale

A brutally hard game about parrying, attacking, and overcoming foes.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: No Pest Productions
  • Developer: No Pest Productions
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A Bastard's Tale

A Brutally Unfair Game

This game will throw your right into the action with unforgiving melee combat from the very first enemy. Fight your way through 5 different levels with increasingly difficult and unique enemies. This is not a game with a deep story and character progression system instead the story is minimalistic and progress can only be made by the player honing his/her skills to perfection and learning to read the opponent.

The retro feeling not only comes from the pixelated graphics but also from the unforgiving challenge. Hopefully, defeating a foe that previously seemed impossible will give some players a sense of satisfaction. However, make no mistake, this is not a game for everybody only the once who likes a big and some might say unfair challenge needs to apply. 

Deep gameplay mechanics: The player can block and attack in 3 different angles. The player has to read the enemies movements and act accordingly. 


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