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2MD: VR Football


Virtual Reality Arcade Football

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade / Sports
  • Publisher: Truant Pixel, LLC
  • Developer: Truant Pixel, LLC
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Do you have what it takes?

Become the virtual quarterback you were born to be!

2MD: VR Football is a standing-room motion-controlled VR gridiron football game,the very first of its kind for the PlayStation® family. 2MD is a thrilling two-minute drill arcade experience where players take on the role of a quarterback tasked with capturing victory in the final minutes of a championship game: Draw the plays, call the shots, and throw, hand off, or run the ball to take down opponents before the clock runs out!


Throw the pigskin like a pro!

The game features a realistic throwing model that allows for natural form in VR. Throwing in 2MD is customizable for players of all sizes for either standing-room or even seated play, utilizing PlayStation®Move motion control tracking to create an experience that is the very first of its kind for Move controllers or PlayStation®VR.


Draw plays and hone strategy in VR

For the first time ever, players are given the chance to design up to 8 unique offensive plays in virtual reality before taking the field.  In addition, players can dynamically flip their plays before the snap for that extra edge, giving them a total of 16 possible strategies to choose from! Players can switch plays using digital controls or by utilizing voice commands!**

Up to 8 Customizable teams

2MD features 8 unique teams, each with their own stats, strengths and weaknesses. Players can customize team colors, QB voice, route colors**, and even their home-field fight song. Each team is also home to one of 8 immersive stadiums, each with their own themes, fully animated crowds of up to 10,000 screaming fans, and even larger-than-life touchdown celebrations!

Call the shots on the field

On the field, you choose the strategy: Pass, hand-off, or even run the ball!

Exciting, arcade-style presentation

Presented in a polished fighting-game style progression, 2MD features a 7-round heat that ends in a winner-take-all championship with a colorful, over-the-top presentation. On-field Jumbotron display gives players a birds-eye view of the action as it happens. Context-sensitive music, with added flare that kicks in when they’re on a HotStreak: a mode that sets the ball aflame and buffs receivers stats for higher completions. Lastly, a rapid-fire bonus round is included at the end of each match, giving players the opportunity to massively increase their endgame score.

2MD includes a professional voice cast, featuring the talents of SungWon Cho**, Xander Mobus, David Wald**, and more.

2MD for PlayStation®VR also Includes an all new theme-song by up-and-coming hip-hop artist K. Carter**

PlayStation 4®Pro support included

PS4™PRO support adds 8x MSAA, higher texture fidelity, increased shadow distance and faster loading.


Spectacular replayability

Featuring intelligent opponent AI with a challenging difficulty ramp, defenders’ tactics evolve over the course of the game, from zone-coverage, to switch defense, to even the dreaded blitz!

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Trophies are included, complete with virtual versions that populate the team’s locker room trophy case.

Regional and friend leaderboards are supported.

Unlockable teams, stadiums, and music, and even the coveted championship ring will keep players coming back for more.


**Exclusive to PlayStation®VR.


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