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The best survival games on PS4 and PS5

Experience the best survival games - hostile worlds where your instincts and resourcefulness can mean the difference between life and death.

Fantastical survival games

Out of this world

Hone your survival skills in unpredictable environments teeming with curious creatures.

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Build a world where the only limit is your own imagination, playing purely creatively or surviving against the many dangers that come out at night.

  • Explore mysterious lands unique to your own experience, collecting resources to protect yourself from monsters and sate your hunger.
  • Play with friends online to share your adventures, or to build collaborative creations on a grand scale.

ARK: Survival Ascended

Awake on a mysterious island in this reimagined take on a survival classic. Form a tribe, tame and breed dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, and do whatever you can to stay alive.

  • Find fresh ingredients to cook stat-boosting meals and manage your hunger level – raw meat should only be eaten as a last resort.
  • Advanced new physics systems produce fully interactive foliage, meaning you’ll see an enemy creeping through the grass as each blade of grass reacts to their touch.
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No Man’s Sky

Catalog a procedural galaxy full of fascinating creatures and crops in this interstellar sci-fi adventure. There are trillions upon trillions of planets waiting to be discovered - how you navigate your way through the stars is up to you.

  • Document the wildlife, mine for minerals, build bases and liaise with extraterrestrials to survive and thrive in this enormous universe.
  • For those wanting a greater challenge, a dedicated survival mode limits available resources and puts your inventory at risk when you die.
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Experience an indie adventure where you strive to tame the unruly ocean depths after crash-landing on a mysterious alien planet.

  • Unravel an intriguing narrative as you scavenge for salvage and sustenance, crafting seabed structures and upgrading your diving equipment to survive.
  • The clock is always ticking as you must keep your fresh water topped up and your oxygen supply replenished. Explore to find what you need – but beware the hostile wildlife.
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Indie studio survival games

Indie odysseys

Scavenge to survive in subversive worlds that twist the genre in a compelling fashion.

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Pacific Drive

Form a unique bond with an upgradable station wagon in this first-person driving survival game with rougelike gameplay elements.

  • Embark on ever-changing runs into a post-apocalyptic stretch of the Pacific Northwest to find supplies and survive this surreal nightmare.
  • Piece together a long-forgotten mystery as you gradually make your way to the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, upgrading your vehicle at an abandoned garage you’ve made into your home.

The Alters

Become Jan Dolski, a man facing impossible odds on a distant planet, far from home. With so much to do, Jan creates new versions of himself, Alters, to help with the tasks he can’t handle alone.

  • Manage a moving base that’s locked in an endless race against the dangerous rays of an alien sun and the deadly cycles of the hostile planet it shines upon.
  • Build your relationships with the Alters and influence their decisions, discovering what choices you’re willing to make to survive, even if it means death for someone else.

The Alters will release for PlayStation 5 in 2024.

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This whimsical 2D sandbox game is teeming with subterranean intrigue. Be transported to a procedurally generated pixel world full of challenging battles and quirky NPCs to summon to your growing home base.

  • Develop your mana and health pools, and collaborate with friends when necessary, to reach the harsh but satisfying edges of this rewarding adventure.
  • Features a catalog of over 5,000 items, more than 25 unique NPCs and over 400 enemies, all of which play their part as you fight for survival and dig for glory.
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Vampire Survivors

Death is inevitable in this minimalist survival experience set against the clock and featuring roguelite elements. Stay alive as long as you can to improve your odds on the next run.

  • There's no place to hide - just do all you can to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible to pass onto the next survivor.
  • Grab gems and other items, and level up your weapons to keep the hordes at bay - for a while, at least.

Vampire Survivors will release for PlayStation 4 and PS5 in 2024.

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Realistic survival games

Wilderness survival

Employ real-world tactics and mechanics to conquer treacherous sandbox environments.

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Rust Console Edition

Betray and be betrayed in this grueling online survival experience where you’re always at risk of your fellow player undermining your livelihood.

  • Build shelters and beat the elements, forge weary alliances, and evolve armor and guns to stake your claim amid the chaos.
  • The entire goal of Rust is to survive at any cost, so scavenge or steal whatever you need to stay healthy and protect yourself against other players populating unruly multiplayer worlds.

The Forest

In the wake of a plane crash, you find yourself stranded in a forest full of cannibals. With only makeshift tools, can you build a strong enough base to survive the night?

  • Enter a living, breathing world where every tree can be chopped down for materials, and below your feet is a vast network of caves and underground lakes.
  • Lay traps to protect the perimeter of your base, and craft weapons and tools from whatever you can find when foraging in the daytime.
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Green Hell

Craft weapons and tools to hunt prey, mitigate hunger and manage your rapidly deteriorating mental state in this first-person survival sandbox. Green Hell is also available for PS VR2.

  • Equipped with only your bare hands, with no outside help coming, you’ll have to learn real survival techniques to built and craft what you need to stay alive.
  • Constantly threatened by the Amazon jungle, you’ll have to fight wild animals, avoid environmental hazards and guard yourself against tropical illnesses, solo or in up to four-player co-op.
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Song in the Smoke: Rekindled

Enter a world that’s as beautiful as it is deadly in this PS VR2 survival experience set in an unpredictable jungle environment full of mystic predators.

  • Master a deep and satisfying combat system to get the better of creatures that threaten your existence.
  • Forage for materials to fulfil your needs and listen for the song of nature which will guide you along an unforgettable journey.
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Fantasy survival games

Fantasy roleplay

Embody period heroes and master unruly plains in these challenging sword and sorcery sandboxes.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Anniversary Edition

Venture into the open-world realm of Skyrim for the first time or embark on your most recent adventure of many in this multi-award-winning fantasy epic.

  • Living another life in this world, as a customizable character wielding the power of dragons, comes with many challenges, and you’ll need to keep a stock of foodstuffs on hand to replenish your health and gain status perks and stat boosts.
  • A dedicated Survival Mode adds difficulty to the core experience, reducing the weight you can carry and cutting fast travel options, as well as making you manage the impact of extreme temperature, hunger and sleep deprivation.


Mysteriously shrunken down to the size of an ant, you must fight for survival as you experience the backyard from an entirely new perspective.

  • You’ll encounter all kinds of creatures spread across the garden, from the sandbox dunes to the depths of the pond. Nowhere is safe, including your own base, so always be prepared for a full-scale bug offensive.
  • An extensive customization system lets you access vital perks and bonuses, with unlockable mutations and upgradable weapons boosting your stats and improving your odds of survival.
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Conan Exiles

Based in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles is a multiplayer survival odyssey where you must adapt quickly to a harsh environment.

  • Hunt, craft, cook and fight to stay alive. Dress well or light a campfire to stay warm, and make sure to keep yourself cool when things heat up.
  • Build your base on the dunes or the swamps of the Exiled Lands and defy other players with weapons and traps, gaining control over this testing open world.
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V Rising

Awaken as a weakened vampire and hunt for blood to regain your strength in this unique vampire survival experience. Hide from the scorching sun, convert humans to your servants and raise a new vampire empire.

  • Rebuild your castle and personalize it to your undead tastes, crafting coffins for servants and friends alike as you grow an army of darkness.
  • Explore a gothic open world solo or with a clan of friends. Raid rivals’ castles or play the diplomat in this game of blood, power and betrayal.
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