PlayStation Celebrates

Great Sports Games

There's nothing quite like the competition and excitement of a good sports game. Whether it's battling your way through the pack to cross the finish line just a hair's length before the rest, perfectly nailing a cross that results in a friend's bicycle kick into the goal, or slinging that pigskin ovoid into the outstretched arms of a receiver running at a full sprint, sports games have becoming increasingly realistic. It's not just realism, though; with deep, involved career modes, years-long management simulations and an increasingly important move toward turning gaming into a full-time career with eSports, it's never been a better time to hit the couch with some buddies and ignite the fires of friendly (or not so friendly) competition. 

Here at PlayStation, we wanted to call out some of the biggest games of 2017, from basketball to football to that other kind of football, there's something here for everyone.