As people around the world continue to do the right thing by staying at home to keep each other safe, Play at Home returns with a free selection of great games and more dropping over the coming months.

Free PS4 games and great entertainment offers

Indie games

As part of our Play at Home campaign, you can download and keep these games for free. Download from 26 March 3am GMT to 23 April 04:00 BST.


Explore and survive in an underwater open world on a distant alien planet.

Enter the Gungeon

Shoot and loot through perilous dungeons in search of a gun that can kill the past.


Immerse yourself in the hidden depths of a beautiful ocean world teeming with life.

The Witness

Use logic and creative thinking to solve a series of puzzles and unlock the secrets of a colourful world.

Rez Infinite

Blast through waves of enemies in a thrilling adventure where sight and sound evolve as one.

PlayStation VR games

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Guide Astro on a mission to save his robot friends in this gripping yet loveable platform adventure.


Embark on a quest to solve VR puzzles with a tiny yet daring mouse named Quill.


Test your rhythm and reflexes and travel at blistering speed through a colourful void to defeat the mechanized invaders.

Paper Beast

Join forces with exotic creatures and work together to solve the mysteries of a beautiful but troubled world.

PS5 users need PS Camera Adaptor, in addition to PS VR and PS Camera. DUALSHOCK 4 controller required to play ASTRO BOT RESCUE MISSION.

Entertainment services

Coming soon:

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Join Aloy on a quest to unravel the mysteries of a far-future version of Earth dominated by colossal mechanized creatures.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition comes to Play at Home from April 19 until May 14.

Don't miss out on the other great games dropping over the coming months - stay tuned for Play at Home news and updates.