The best 2D platformers on PS5 and PS4

If you prefer to tackle life side-on, leap into this selection of diverse, dimensionally challenged platforming superstars.

Classic 2D platformer collections

Turn back the clock

These big-value compilations bring together some of gaming’s greatest 2D platforming franchises and sprinkle in a host of enhancements and extras.

Sonic Origins Plus

Take a spin with the blue blur by speeding through Sonic’s early history in this ring-filled collection of 16 legendary platformers.

  • Race across four remastered versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD, with new playable characters.
  • Play 12 classic Sonic Game Gear titles and enjoy a wealth of unlockable new bonus modes, stages and behind-the-scenes content.
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Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Return to the roots of the influential vampire-slaying franchise with this eight-game collection covering the first ten years of Castlevania history.

  • Explore the early evolution of the Castlevania series across home and handheld consoles, from its 8-bit debut up to the 16-bit revolution. 
  • Includes History of Castlevania - Book of the Crescent Moon, an eBook featuring interviews with developers, artists and composers.
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Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Dig, slash and bash your way across the beloved Shovel Knight saga with this five-game collection of 8-bit inspired fantasy platform action.

  • Experience the complete Shovel Knight saga across four thrilling solo campaigns. Play as Shovel Knight and three of his arch rivals: King Knight, Specter Knight and Plague Knight.
  • Team up with friend in Shovel of Hope's co-op campaign or take on up to three rivals in Shovel Knight: Showdown.

Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle

Celebrate 30 years of the Blue Bomber with this 19-game bundle, featuring all 11 Mega Man releases and eight Mega Man X titles.

  • The all-new Challenge Mode remixes the classic games to test even the most experienced Mega Man players.
  • Discover the fascinating Museum Mode, packed with history and art collected from the franchise’s long history, and watch videos of the world’s best players.

2D action platformers

Leap into action

Keep your skills as sharp as your blade with these combat-driven 2D platforming gems.

Cyber Shadow

Save the world from the evil Dr. Progen and his merciless synthetic army, as you dash and slice your way across Mekacity in this ninjitsu-powered action platformer.

  • Rescue kidnapped members of your clan to unlock exciting new abilities and weapons, including shuriken, Rising Fire and the ability to parry projectiles.
  • Hone your skills until they are as sharp as your blade, in fast-paced combat across fortified coastlines, murky research labs and stunning cityscapes.
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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2

Experience a modern twist on the classic 2D sword-and-whip formula in this sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's retro-inspired spin-off.

  • 8-bit visuals meet contemporary action, with a multi-scenario story supervised by Koji Igarashi (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night).
  • Instantly switch between multiple characters with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, whether playing alone or in local two-player co-op.
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Aeon Drive

In this frantically paced action platformer you’ll employ time and space-bending abilities to sprint across the cyberpunk city of Neo-Barcelona.

  • Use stranded space ranger Jackelyne’s Power Sword, Teleportation Dagger and time-bending abilities to speed through 100 danger-filled levels.
  • Compete with friends for global leaderboard supremacy, or team up with them in four-player co-op. 
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The Messenger

Control a katana-wielding ninja hero as he ventures through a cursed world on his quest to defeat an invading demon army.

  • Gain the ability to transition seamlessly between 8-bit and 16-bit worlds, both with period-accurate sprites, animations and backgrounds.
  • Enjoy tight, modern controls as you journey through branching paths, battle bosses, upgrade your warrior and discover hidden levels.
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2D exploration platformers

Platforms in every direction

Discover 2D platformers with vast, non-linear worlds that reward curiosity.

Blasphemous 2

The endless struggle against the almighty Miracle continues for The Penitent One, as he awakens in a new world full of nightmarish enemies.

  • Explore a grotesque, unforgiving world filled with unforgettable NPCs, twisted bosses and long-forgotten secrets.
  • Enjoy expanded combat options with three new weapons, each with special qualities that are essential for navigating the huge, non-linear world.
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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Explore a cursed, Persian-inspired world as Sargon, an agile and powerful Immortal gifted with abilities that can manipulate time and space.

  • Gather inventive Time Powers to expand your combat abilities and reach previously inaccessible areas of the world.
  • Battle the mythical creatures of Mount Qaf with Sargon’s twin blades and bow. Mix up attacks to fill your ability gauge and unleash Sargon’s wrath.
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This psychedelic action-platformer provides a unique mix of fast-paced combat and contemplative gardening within the confines of a bizarre alien world.

  • Roam the strikingly surreal landscape of The Sarcophagus, battling cosmic lifeforms and learning from its inhabitants.
  • Utilise an innovative loop mechanic to revisit key moments of the story and unlock new areas, secrets and abilities for your skill tree.
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Steamworld Dig 2

Dig deep, discover riches and unearth the terrors of the underworld as a lone steambot and her companion, in this platforming adventure with a mining twist.

  • Burrow your way under an old trading town to explore vast caverns riddled with treasure, secrets and danger as you search for your long-lost friend.
  • Upgrade and unlock gear like your Hookshot and Jet Engine to battle enemies and venture deeper underground.
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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Created in collaboration with Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, this colourful side-scroller features a gorgeous hand-drawn world to explore.

  • Help Jin save Monster World Kingdom by defeating challenging enemies, discovering hidden locations and upgrading gear to open up the world.
  • Transform into five animal forms, including a venom-spitting, wall-climbing snake, a fireball-breathing dragon and a lion that can dash across water.
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Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

Become the Knight and descend into the fallen kingdom of Hallownest in the definitive version of the award-winning action-platformer.

  • Explore an expansive underworld filled with friendly bugs, tainted creatures and secrets galore.
  • Includes four additional Content Packs that expand the game with new quests, challenging boss fights and more abilities for the Knight.
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Challenging 2D platformers

Jump to the challenge

After something that will test your reflexes and patience? Look no further than these taxing treats.


Help Madeline face her inner demons on a perilous, narrative-led journey to the top of Celeste Mountain.

  • Scale a massive and beautifully realised mountain as you face over 700+ screens of inventive, skill-testing platforming.
  • Find motivation in a cast of colourful and charming characters during your ascent, as Madeline slowly uncovers the mountain’s mysteries.
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Ghost 'n Goblins Resurrection

The classic arcade series comes back to life with beautiful, storybook-inspired visuals and characteristically punishing action.

  • Brave knight Arthur returns to save the princess from the monsters of the Demon Realm, armed with new weapons, magic and skills.
  • Improve your chances of survival with a local co-op partner and four difficulty options, from the approachable Page setting to the hardcore Legend mode.
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Rogue Legacy 2

The sequel to the treasured genealogical rogue-lite adds 15 new character classes, a new art style and a revamped traits system.

  • Choose a new heir each time you fail to defeat the ever-changing Kingdom - the more debilitating their traits, the greater the potential reward.
  • Collect permanent heirloom abilities that open up more of the world and find Relics that can fundamentally change every run.
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Skilfully avoid fiendishly tough obstacles in a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer set in a beautifully minimalist landscape.

  • Master fluid platforming to make it across 4,340 hand-made levels and rack up an impressive high score.
  • Uncover a series of intense, hidden secret challenges and unlock Hardcore Mode for an even greater challenge.
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Spelunky 2

The sequel to Derek Yu’s award-winning roguelike platformer ventures to the Moon for more unpredictable, hazardous and secret-filled adventures.

  • Descend into the depths with up to three companions, working together to survive the many traps and enemies preventing your escape.
  • Use a variety of rideable mounts, weapons and gadgets to create your own path through destructible environments. 
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Dead Cells

The celebrated 'RogueVania' brings together the best elements of non-linear exploration, fluid combat and rogue-lite replayability.

  • Discover over 150 weapons and skills, and locate permanent abilities that enable access to new paths.
  • Non-linear progression means you can choose a different route to suit your build and playstyle on every run.
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2D puzzle platformers

Use your head and your feet

Puzzle platformers provide a unique combination of dexterity-testing navigation with cunning cerebral challenges.


Embark on a magical journey in this soothing, charming puzzle-platformer that boasts gorgeous hand-painted art and an inspiring orchestral soundtrack.

  • Embark on a gentle and imaginative storybook adventure where you will solve puzzles and soak up the ambience of the natural world.
  • Step inside a living, breathing painting full of multiple, meticulously crafted scenes of stunning hand-rendered art.
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The Pedestrian

Become The Pedestrian in an ingenious puzzle platformer that tasks you with navigating a dynamic 3D world from within a series of 2D street signs.

  • Rearrange and reconnect a series of public signs to guide The Pedestrian across a vast city.
  • Master the game-changing mechanics introduced in each chapter to solve a wide variety of clever puzzles.
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Planet of Lana

Embark on a life-changing journey across a luscious planet in this charming and cinematic off-earth odyssey.

  • Explore a breathtaking, painterly world and discover the truth behind a robot invasion that stretches across time and space.
  • Work with your tiny companion to solve puzzles and escape the clutches of a faceless mechanical army.
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This dark, narrative-driven platformer wordlessly tells an original and captivating tale of a boy on the run.

  • Combines intense and uncompromising action with taxing environmental puzzles.
  • An award-winning indie adventure with an oppressive atmosphere, moody soundtrack and unforgettable storyline.
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