Updated 23 September 2015

How to restore Default Settings on the PlayStation 3

This article explains how to restore the Default Settings on your PlayStation 3 and what this does to your system.


When should I restore my default settings and what does this do?

During certain troubleshooting situations, it may be necessary to restore all of the PlayStation 3 system settings back to their original default configuration. Do not confuse this feature with the "Restore PS3 System" option. "Restore PS3 System" will also delete all hard disk content. (You will lose all saved content from your PlayStation 3 system's hard drive if you use "Restore PS3 System").

The "Restore Default Settings" feature will only restore all of the following settings (and erase any previously saved settings):

  • BD/DVD Settings
  • Music Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • System Settings
  • Date and Time Settings
  • Accessory Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Network Settings
  • Internet Browser Settings

How do I restore Default Settings on my PlayStation 3?

  • From the top level of the PlayStation 3 Home Menu, go to Settings > [System Settings] > [Restore Default Settings].
  • Once you select [Restore Default Settings], you will see a list of settings that will be restored.  Scroll through them and press to restore the settings.
  • After the operation is complete, you will see the initial setup screen that appeared the first time you turned on the PlayStation 3 system.  You will need to go through the initial setup process before you can use the PlayStation 3 system.