Updated 13 February 2017

How to use the Memory Card Adaptor for the PlayStation 3

Find out how to use the PlayStation 3 Memory Card Adaptor to manage save files.

  1. Plug the Memory Card Adaptor into one of the USB slots on the PlayStation 3 system.
  2. Insert a Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2) or PlayStation Memory Card into the Memory Card Adaptor.
  3. Go to the Game icon on the PlayStation 3 Home Menu.  Scroll down to the menu option that's called [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)] and press the  button. 
  4. An icon will appear on your screen to represent the Memory Card that is inserted into the Memory Card Adaptor.  It will be labeled either [Memory Card (PS2)] or [Memory Card (PS)] depending on the type of card that is being used.
  5. Select the card icon and then press the  button to begin the process of copying the card's contents onto your PlayStation 3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 
  6. You will see a message on the screen that reads: 

    "The saved data on the selected memory card will be copied to the hard disk. Do you want to continue?" 

    Leave the cursor on the word [Yes] and press the  button to continue.
  7. The next screen will show the name that will be assigned to the Internal Memory Card that you're about to create.  The name will be [Internal Memory Card] and may or may not be followed by a number.  

To change this to a custom name you can move the cursor onto the words [Internal Memory Card] and then press the  button to view the on-screen keyboard.  Enter the preferred name and then press the Start button to return to the previous screen. 

To advance from the naming screen you must move the cursor onto the word [OK] and then press the  button. 

  1. At this point the contents of your memory card will be copied onto the PlayStation 3 system's HDD.  

    Do not turn off the PlayStation 3 system or remove the memory card or the Memory Card Adaptor until the process is completed.
  2. When the copy has been completed you will see the following message on your screen: 

    "To use the Internal memory card you must assign it to a slot.  To assign a slot, select the Internal memory card from (Memory Card Utility) and then assign a slot from the options menu." 

    You must press the  button  to exit this screen. 

    Note: The options menu that is mentioned in this message is viewed by pressing the  button while viewing an Internal memory card in the PlayStation 3 Home Menu under Game > [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)]
  1. The copied contents of your physical memory card now reside on one of the PlayStation 3 system's Internal Memory Cards. 

    The content of your Internal Memory Cards can be viewed on the PlayStation 3 Home Menu under Game > [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)].