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Troubleshooting power and battery problems on the PlayStation Portable system

Confirm the AC Adaptor and the Battery (and Battery Charger) is a Licensed Product

The AC Adaptor, Battery, and Battery Charger must be licensed for use with the PlayStation Portable system.  All licensed products for use with the PlayStation Portable will have the following logos displayed directly on the product and/or the packaging:

If any of the products you are using does not have these logos on them, we recommend that you immediately discontinue the use of these products, as they void the PlayStation Portable system's warranty, and can cause damage to the system.

There are some products that can be used with the PlayStation Portable system that may not display our logos.  Products such as SanDisk 1GB Memory Sticks, or various USB cables, need only to be genuinely certified.  Look for the genuine certified logos on these products or contact the company which manufactures these products for more information.

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