Updated 6 October 2017

Sub account cannot spend master account wallet funds

This article provides the general steps to try if you cannot spend master accounts funds although their wallet is topped up.


Follow these steps:

  1. Check whether you have reached the monthly spending limit set by the master account holder. Sign in to your sub account, go to the Account tab and select 'Wallet' to find out how much more you are allowed to spend this month.
  2. Ask the master account holder if there are enough funds in their account wallet for you to make your purchase. You are not able to charge a purchase to a credit or debit card linked to the master account.
  3. You cannot purchase subscriptions because we need a credit card on file so it can renew. If you are trying to sign up for PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Music or an online game pass your purchase will not be successful. The only way to subscribe to a service is by using a voucher code that does not automatically renew. Check the terms of the voucher code for more information.
  4. Make sure that the product you are trying to buy is the correct age rating as this may stop your purchase. Even if you are able to purchase content rated above your age - you will not be able to play it.
  5. If PlayStation Network is offline check to find out when PlayStation Network will be available and make your purchase after this time.