Updated 8 August 2019

Countries where PlayStation Video is available

PlayStation Store countries that support PlayStation Video purchase and rental.


You can create an account and use PlayStation Video within the countries indicated in the table below.

Australia France Norway
Austria Germany Spain
Brazil Ireland Sweden
Canada Italy United Kingdom
Denmark Japan United States
Finland New Zealand  

Downloading and streaming is limited according to the country of the account a video or season pass was purchased or rented on. This means that if you’re travelling, you can view videos you’ve downloaded from the PlayStation Store before you left the country in which your account was created, but you won’t be able to download or stream any videos from PlayStation Store in another country, even if it’s listed above.

If you want to purchase or rent a video in a country other than the one where your account was created, you’ll need to create a new local account with a local payment method. You can’t change the country of your account or transfer purchases from your account to another.

Note: PlayStation Video is not available in overseas territories; only on the mainland. For example, though you can access the UK PlayStation Store in the Channel Islands, UK PlayStation Video is not available.

Within the EEA you can use a payment method registered in the EEA in any EEA country, with the exception of Germany. In the case of Germany, users with German accounts, may only use a payment method registered in Germany. However, use of payment methods within SIEE, but outside of the EEA are restricted to the same country in which the account was registered (e.g. an Australian card can’t be used in Saudi Arabia).