Updated 6 January 2017

Buying a PlayStation Video

Restrictions and conditions for purchasing a video.


With PlayStation Video you have the choice to either buy1 or rent videos. Both options are generally available in High Definition or Standard Definition, plus 3D content is also sometimes available2.

When purchasing a video the following restrictions apply, in addition to any and all restrictions included in the Terms of Use:

  • You cannot watch a video on a device that has not been registered to your SEN account. For more information on activating devices please click here.
  • There is no limit on how many times you can watch the video or on how long you have to watch it.
  • You can only stream 1 video at a time per account.

In most cases, you can download your purchased content multiple times on your compatible devices from your Media Library or via My Downloads on your PlayStation 3, PSP & PS Vita systems.

When you decide to buy a video some devices will allow you to download it to your My Videos (Cloud Library) or My Downloads (PlayStation 3, PSP & PS Vita systems). Other devices will stream it to your device upon request. Please see the table above for more information.

1 Purchasing videos is only available from select devices. Please see the table above for more information.
2 You can only play 3D videos on your PlayStation 3, select Blu-ray Disc Players and select BRAVIA models.

Pausing and continuing playback on a different device

The movies that you purchase are available for unlimited streaming and download to any of your Sony devices, but some devices do not support HD/3D playback. To find out which devices support streaming or download of each format please see the table here. Once you purchase a video you may pause and resume playback as often as you like.

The movies available on PlayStation Video are only available for viewing from your account on Sony devices – unless you are using your device browser to stream from PlayStation Store or using the PlayStation Video App on an Android device. In no circumstances can you move rented or purchased content to a DVD or external memory unit.

Please note:

  • In certain circumstances, a video may have to be removed from PlayStation Video. In these circumstances, videos that you have purchased may become unavailable to download and/or stream. This will not affect purchased or rented videos that you have already downloaded. As a result, wherever possible, you should download purchased and rented videos immediately after purchase to all compatible devices on which you would like to have a copy.