Updated 20 April 2016

Follow Feature on PlayStation 4

Discover how the Follow Feature works on your PlayStation 4.


You can now follow SEN Verified Accounts related to people, companies and games from all over the gaming community.  Select the [Follow] button displayed in the [Who to Follow] section of the What's New area, from your Friends menu or even directly from their Profiles.  After following a SEN account, you can keep track of their activities from the What's New area.

What are SEN Verified Accounts?

SEN Verified Accounts are accounts that are legitimised and verified by Sony PlayStation. The icon will be displayed next to their Online ID on their SEN accounts.

Follow Feature Specifications

  1. You can only follow SEN Verified Accounts.
  2. You can follow up to a maximum of 2,000 SEN accounts.
  3. SEN Verified users can be followed by an unlimited number of SEN accounts.

How can I discover new SEN Verified Accounts to Follow?

You can find new SEN Verified Accounts to Follow by one of these methods:

  1. From the [Who to follow] section in the What’s New area if there is a recommended account available.

Note: [Who to Follow] opens to the Activity detail view showing all recommendations.

  1. From your Friend’s activity in the What’s New area. You will see notifications in your What’s New area regarding those friends who have recently followed another SEN Verified Account.
  2. From the [Who to follow] section in the Follow list of the Friends menu.

Note: Pressing the OPTIONS button displays the same functions for friends: Send message, Invite to party and Compare trophies.

  1. By searching directly for account IDs that are already Sony PlayStation SEN Verified Accounts.

How can I turn my SEN account into a SEN Verified Account to gain the Follow feature?

SEN accounts are verified by invite-only from Sony PlayStation.

What SEN accounts could be verified by Sony PlayStation?

  • Developers, producers and game designers SEN accounts.
  • Game companies and game series SEN accounts.
  • Other SEN accounts selected by Sony PlayStation.

Sub accounts restrictions related to the Follow feature

Sub accounts cannot use the Follow feature, which includes all of the restrictions listed below:

  • Sub accounts cannot see the Follow button on SEN Verified Accounts’ profiles
  • Sub accounts cannot see the Following List tab in the Friends app
  • Sub accounts cannot see the Following List tab in the Profile page
  • Sub accounts cannot see the number of Followers for SEN Verified Accounts