Shifting sands

A strange land; a hidden mystery



  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: Friend or Foe Games
  • Developer: Friend or Foe Games

    Atmospheric adventure

    Find your way

    Traverse a precarious, weather-beaten landscape as you work to unravel the secrets of its long-lost inhabitants.

    An unknown land and a forgotten history lie at your feet. Plumb the depths of its treacherous caverns, explore its deserted ruins and soar through it storm-torn skies for clues as to your part within it all.

    The world resonates with an ancient power and somewhere in the distance a storm gradually building – moving ever closer. Find safe passage through a world in flux and from the secrets of the past find meaning in the present.  



    • 1080p


    • Players

      1 Players


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