Vancouver 2010 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games

  • PS3

Risk it all for gold.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Eurocom Entertainment
    Vancouver 2010 screenshot
    • Experience the thrill and adrenaline of the Olympic Winter Games
    • Go for gold in 14 premium events, including giant slalom, snowboard cross, downhill and bobsleigh
    • Fine-tune your skills in a range of Challenge modes
    Vancouver 2010 screenshot

    Strapping on the ski boots

    As the official game of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver 2010 is an accurate depiction of the biggest event in alpine sports.

    The graphics convey a great sense of speed, whether you're hurtling down a slope or careering along the bobsleigh track. This effect is accentuated by subtle vibration from the DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller. Details such as the trails left in the snow by skiers also add realism and the sound effects, like the eerie breeze as you're about to begin a jump, add atmosphere.

    In between events you can enjoy the game's upbeat soundtrack that features current indie and rock acts such as The Dollyrots and Sum 41.

    Vancouver 2010 screenshot

    Hitting the slopes

    Vancouver 2010 brings 14 Winter Olympic events to your PlayStation 3, each with their own control systems to master and strategies to perfect. The alpine skiing events include the men's super-g and the ladies' giant slalom. On the starter's signal, you must repeatedly tap the X button to build up speed and then negotiate your way through a series of gates using the left stick. You can lean forward to accelerate down the slope or lean back to carve around tight bends.

    There are snowboard variations on these races and two jump events - the men's individual large hill and the ladies' aerials. The former is all about distance and you must time your button presses perfectly and consider the wind direction to win the gold medal. The latter is scored on style. After selecting your routine, you must time your approach and rotate the left stick and right stick according to the on-screen prompts to pull off twists and turns with maximum finesse.

    In Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge, you must keep your sled under control as you hurtle around an icy track at speeds of up to 100km per hour. On the ice rink, there are two speed skating events, the ladies' 500m and the 1,500m, in which you must negotiate tight corners to stay ahead of the pack.

    You can attempt these events individually in practice mode or take on an entire Olympic campaign. There are also 30 challenges to complete, such as skiing down an alpine slope, avoiding snowmen and landing between two markers on the men's individual large hill piste.

    Vancouver 2010 screenshot

    Standing on the podium

    You can play through the Winter Olympics against up to three other competitors online. Either jump into a quick game if you want to get straight onto the piste, or set up your own game tailored to your own preferences.

    Whether you're a speedy snowboarder or a skating supremo, you can select any combination of events, in any order. Then it's just a case of waiting for other players to join and striving for those world records.

    And with competitive leaderboards for all of the individual events, you can see how your scores and times stack up against the world's best virtual Olympians.

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