Survive the night

Carve out your own unique story in a spine-tingling PS4 horror.

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Terror in the wilderness

Game characters

Terror in the wilderness

When a trip to a remote cabin leaves eight friends stranded on a mountainside, sinister events make them suspect they’re not alone…

Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, step into the quaking boots of each of the eight terrified characters as you search for clues to the deranged killer’s identity. By making life or death decisions using the sophisticated “butterfly effect” system, everything you do will drastically alter the course of the story – and the fate of each character.

With spine-chilling performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere brought to life by the power of PS4, your actions alone will decide who makes it off the mountain alive.

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An unpredictable story

The butterfly effect

Game characters

An unpredictable story

The butterfly effect

Your decisions determine who survives the night. While you agonise over gut-wrenching moral dilemmas, even seemingly insignificant choices can have devastating, unforeseen consequences.

No one is safe in this tale of terror, crafted by Until Dawn scriptwriters and indie horror auteurs Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick. Things are not always what they seem and dramatic twists keep you guessing right to the end.


Decisions, decisions…

Until Dawn Gamer Guide

When you’re trapped in a cabin with a murderer, only your decisions impact who will live and who will die – make sure you’re on the right path with our helpful guide and see if you can survive Until Dawn. 


Discover where the horror began…

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Journey into the depths of Until Dawn’s origins in this PlayStation VR adventure horror game, set 60 years prior – can you survive the terrors of Blackwood Pines Sanatorium?  


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