Turning Point: Fall of Liberty™

  • PS3

Take on the Third Reich in an alternate reality.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Spark Unlimited
    Turning Point Feature

    While there are many FPS games based on the Second World War, few are as unique as Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

    Based on an alternate history in which Winston Churchill died in 1931, the game depicts a Britain fallen to the Third Reich and an unexpected Nazi invasion of America. The player controls American construction worker and National Guard Dan Carson as he tries to survive against the Axis Powers.

    As well as authentic World War Two weapons, the game includes guns that were in development during the collapse of Nazi Germany, as well as featuring locations from all over the world.

    • Use the environment to attack your enemy
    • Soundtrack from renowned composer Michael Giacchino
    • In-depth story detailing a fictitious Nazi invasion of America
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    Give me liberty or give me death

    Time to roll up your sleeves and fight to save an alternate reality in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty on PlayStation®3.

    What if Winston Churchill had died in 1931, eight years before the start of the Second World War? That's the intriguing premise put forward by Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the new first person shooter game from Codemasters on PlayStation®3.

    In this alternate version of reality the lack of Churchill's inspiring leadership leads to the United Kingdom falling to Nazi Germany in 1940, and the rest of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Soviet Union falling under Nazi rule soon afterwards. As the game begins, it is the year 1953. America has stayed out of the conflict due to anti-war sentiment and apathy and is caught completely off guard by a combined German and Japanese offensive striking at the nation on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

    Escape from New York

    You play a construction worker named Dan Carson, who unwittingly finds himself right in the middle of the surprise attack on New York. From the outset your goal is survival. You team up with the National Guard, hastily erecting barricades, manning mounted guns and sabotaging tanks as part of the newly formed American Resistance. What follows is an epic struggle for survival that sees you travel to Washington and London to battle the Nazis in some of the most iconic locations around the globe, including a toppled Chrysler building in New York, the lawns of the White House and London's Tower Bridge.

    Due to the game's historical setting you'll be using some pleasingly old school weapons, both German in origin, such as Sten guns and stick grenades, and American-made, including the awesome Thompson machine gun, or Tommy gun to its friends. Get close enough to an enemy and you can press the Circle button to initiate a grapple from which you can perform an instant kill move, an environmental kill such as throwing the enemy from a high ledge or smashing them into a wall or even grab them to use as a human shield. Here you hold the offending Nazi in a headlock and position them in front of you to absorb any bullets headed your way, while returning fire with your pistol. It doesn't last long, but is a useful addition to your arsenal of moves, especially when you are heavily outgunned. You can also utilise the terrain to your advantage, climbing ladders, moving hand-over-hand along poles and dropping into sewers to get an advantageous position against the enemy, as well as using mounted gun emplacements to repel larger enemy attacks.

    Mind over matter

    As well as the frantic combat, the levels are sprinkled with puzzle elements that see you wiring up explosives, unlocking doors and defusing bombs through quick mini-games, with deadly consequences for mistakes. These help break up the flow of the levels and provide a nice sense of accomplishment as you sneak underneath an enemy tank and plant explosives beneath it, before retreating to watch the fireworks show.

    Head online and you can take part in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, playing either as Nazi soldiers or the American Resistance. There are four maps to play each with their own terrain, layout and secrets and you can choose your character model and weapons before heading into battle, giving Turning Point fans the chance to carry on playing online once they've finished the single player campaign.

    With its compelling, unique story and action-driven gameplay, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a big-budget action movie right in your living room, perfect for thrillseekers looking for the next adrenaline hit.
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