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  • PS3

Never less than fast, frenzied fun, Toy Home is the madcap driving game that sees you tearing around crazy, colourful environments in a tiny toy car.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Game Republic
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    In Toy Home, you control a toy car that must pick out a course between playthings strewn across a bedroom floor to reach various goals.

    And that’s not all: you’ll also hurtle across kitchen tables, dodge toy soldiers and zoom along model railway tracks in moonlit playrooms.

    The aim is to collect coins, discover hidden medals and hit every checkpoint before the time runs out – and there are bonus points available for every jump, smash and flip you make, so it pays to experiment.

    With an exciting one player mode, two player battles and the opportunity to compete against other drivers online, Toy Home is manic, miniature fun that never ends.

    • Use the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller's motion sensing features to steer your chosen car
    • Ten great levels to explore and conquer!
    • Challenge the best scores on the online ranking leader board for each course
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    Toying with your home

    Toy Home is a game that won't so much drive you around the bend as it will through a cereal packet, over a kettle and through a dozen little wooden giraffes. Wind it up and let it go...

    Toy cars are often the staple of any child's playtime when growing up. Driving them across the kitchen table, over the TV and through chair legs... nothing is safe from a race around the house in 80 seconds. The only problem is dealing with all the fallout that ensues; hazardous materials to avoid, furniture being knocked over and other painful inconveniences.

    Toy Home solves that problem rather nicely. Not only is it quickly and easily downloadable from PlayStation Network and features some wonderfully tactile and fun steering using the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller, it also creates a lovely a little world that encourages you to make a total mess while you race... without ever having to clear it up.

    Toy story

    Instead of the usual hassle of getting toys together and constructing elaborate environments to race around, Toy Home does all the work for you once you download it from PlayStation Network. The game greets you with a kaleidoscope of colour and a bouncy cheerfulness that's hard not to feel affection for, inviting you to race miniature clockwork cars around a number of large environments set in a family house, including a kitchen table and child's playroom.

    Choosing between the hot-rod styled Rowdy or the easier handling Canto, your job is to reach a number of checkpoints while collecting medals around the course, all under an ever-ticking time limit. Each checkpoint grants you precious seconds, but as you have the freedom to meet them in any order there has to be a slight amount of planning involved - which is where the medals come into it, subtly leading you to your goals via the most efficient route possible.

    As the courses get more elaborate and the medal placement more chaotic, it pays to go for bonuses which can extend your time. This is where the real joy of Toy Home lies. Each course is littered with objects such as toys, utensils and more, all left temptingly in your path. Instead of trying to avoid them, you're positively encouraged to cause as much havoc as possible. The more stuff you send flying, knock over and drive through, the larger your bonuses and the more extra time you gain.

    You can go home again

    It's this unapologetic energy that makes Toy Home such brilliant fun. The inventive courses are well designed for maximum chaos as you smash through wooden blocks and skittles, drift around corners, turbo boost through loop-the-loops and watch bits fly off your wind-up car when you perform ridiculous stunts. And because you're steering with the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller, the motion activated driving only makes it all the more entertaining.

    Chock full of joyous little touches (such as driving over a xylophone to create music), bonus stages, a frantically good on/offline battle mode where you have to collect more medals than your rivals while avoiding their attacks, and the ability to upload your best scores and rankings, Toy Home is a delight. Its candy covered rainbow world of sunshine, lollipops and sweet playability that's both addictive and enjoyable is likely to leave a smile on anybody's face... adult or child.

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