Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas

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Combat terrorism on the streets of Sin City.

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  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
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Working against the clock to prevent the destruction of one of the world's most recognisable cities, the Rainbow operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas during an escalating terrorist siege. With global security hanging in the balance, you must defend against and counter the threat at iconic locations like Fremont Street, the Strip and its famous casinos.

Making its PlayStation 3 debut, the acclaimed first person shooter series packs a serious punch with a wealth of next generation features, new characters and compelling storylines.

Logan Keller is the new team leader and reconnaissance expert, backed by Michael Walter, heavy weapons and demolition, and Jung Park, a sniper and electronics specialist. This new team mix emphasises tactical gameplay, testing your ability to get the most out of each individual's talents.

Planning is the key to successfully tackling the terrorist threat but, with the clock ticking, a fine balance between action and preparation must be struck. Before a mission, multiple paths through environments can be signalled to your teammates and adversaries can be tagged for them to handle. In the midst of the mission meanwhile, real time briefings and intelligence updates make urgency essential.

Motion-captured action has been used to create realistic movement, including rappelling, window entry and blind-cover fire, while sophisticated Artificial Intelligence pits you against skilled enemies who work together as a group to counter your every move. These elements provide a depth of realism beyond the beautifully rendered and highly lavish environments.

About Tom Clancy
One of the World's most recognised authors, Tom Clancy's books have sold over 80 million copies worldwide and include fiction titles such as The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears and Rainbow Six.

• Take charge of the Rainbow operatives, inspired by Tom Clancy's bestselling books
• Pit your tactical skills against responsive A.I. in time crucial missions
• Create your own multiplayer character that evolves as you play online

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas screenshot 2

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

The stakes are high in the city of sin, it's Rainbow Six Vegas on PlayStation 3.

Las Vegas, the glamorous city of sin and gambling just got a little bit more dangerous. A terrorist organisation is conducting attacks against this glitzy backdrop and it's up to the elite Rainbow counter-terrorist unit to stop them. You control Logan Keller, the recently appointed head of a brand new Rainbow team as he attempts to come to terms with his responsibilities while protecting Las Vegas from the biggest threat it has ever faced.

Viva Las Vegas

Gameplay takes the form of a first person shooter, with a distinct tactical flavour. Holding L1 allows you to take cover behind walls and objects, and pressing a direction allows you to pop out from behind cover to take well aimed potshots at your enemies with R1. If you remain behind cover and hit R1 with no direction you can fire blindly around the corner, useful for suppressing enemy attacks. This is in addition to your arsenal of smoke bombs, frag grenades and flash bangs.

You're not going into battle alone either, as you're accompanied on your missions by a two-man Fireteam, under your complete command. Most of your team's actions are controlled with the X button. Target a door and hit the X button and you move your team into position. You are then given a list of options for how to proceed, ranging from laying down suppressing fire to clearing the room with a grenade. You can even slide a fibre-optic camera under the door, scout out enemy positions and assign targets to different team members. Of course, you can also completely ignore this and run in all guns blazing - it's completely up to you how you choose to play the game.

Stick or twist?

That said, the stealthy path is certainly the easier way to go. A new feature to the series is an overshield health system, whereby you regenerate health when you are not taking fire. Taking a hit also blurs your vision and impairs your hearing for a short time, meaning you have to take cover fast if you want to survive. It gives Rainbow Six Vegas a much more realistic feel than a lot of first person shooters, and gives you a sense of genuine danger every time you enter a gunfight.

And what gunfights they are. The game features over 40 real world weapons, including pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and shotguns and enough explosives to keep a demolitions team going for weeks. The sound effects are loud and immersive, and the environmental effects, enemy Artificial Intelligence and team commands all add to the feeling that you are engaged in a life or death struggle to survive.

You can experience it all online too, with up to 16 players and an impressively exhaustive array of options and 20 different maps. As you play online, your character earns experience points and rises in rank, through a total of 17 levels. As you rise in rank, you are able to use different equipment and weapons. This system lets you customise your character a lot more, but doesn't put new players at a disadvantage, perfect for online play.

There are 10 multiplayer game modes, including four never before seen in a Rainbow Six game: Attack & Defend, Co-op Campaign, Assassination, and Conquest. Each mode can also be customised to your liking, letting you change options such as the amount of times each player can respawn and what kind of equipment and weapons you can use on each level.

Add the great multiplayer game to an already impressive single player outing and you have a package that is sure to delight Rainbow Six fans as well as those new to the franchise. Factor in a brilliant, gripping storyline, beautiful graphics and compelling gameplay and here's one trip to Las Vegas you're definitely going to want to make.
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