The Godfather: The Don's Edition

  • PS3

Truly get to grips with the 1940s Mafia in the High Definition world of crime and loyalty.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: EA
    The Godfather The Don's Edition screenshot 4

    Take over the Big Apple in the fully interactive open-world game based on the classic film by Paramount Pictures and the critically-acclaimed book by Mario Puzo. As the first movie licence on PlayStation®3, this is the first chance to become part of a classic cinematic story.

    The Godfather: The Don's Edition offers brand new ways to go from Street Soldier to Don as you gain control of New York. Follow the path of an Enforcer or Operator; each with its own unique perks and abilities to earn.

    This new incarnation of the classic Mafia story takes full advantage of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller; you will have to manhandle your controller to manhandle your opponent in your rise to the top.

    Now you can interrogate specific characters to get the inside information on dirty cops, take down two additional revised compounds of rival Families, execute five new contract hits, and call in larger Corleone Hit Squads when the going gets tough.

    There are also new Shipyard and Railyard transportation hubs to explore and exploit; your path to the head of La Cosa Nostra is wrought with all new perils and excitement.

    • Includes The Corleone Expansion Pack with new gameplay and missions
    • An enhanced combat experience with motion-based control from the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller
    • Features the likenesses and voices of James Caan, Robert Duvall and the late Marlon Brando

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