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Collect every card, master your powers and prepare for the ultimate showdown with Scion, Biolith Lord.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Strategy
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEJ
    Eye Of Judgement Portable
    • Every card from the PlayStation 3 version implemented digitally along with 30 new ones via PlayStation Store
    • Card Trade mode via Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode duels
    • No need for extra peripherals such as a camera or physical cards

    The Eye of Judgment™ Legends only available as a digital download in Australia and New Zealand.

    Eye Of Judgement Portable

    Battle your enemies

    In this story, specially created for the PSP system version of the game, you will play as the chosen wizard, keen to restore peace throughout the world.

    You will meet Romili, who will teach you how to battle your enemies until you finally reach the ultimate challenge, Lord Scion. Listen to her advice and teachings to become the saviour of this land.

    The Biolith leader, Lord Scion, has caused terror throughout the lands of fire, earth, wood and water. There is severe unrest all over the world, and it is up to you to save the day.

    Along your path, you challenge various characters and improve your battle skills, and collect new and more powerful cards in preparation for your final showdown with the evil Biolith leader.

    Eye Of Judgement Portable

    Battlefield action

    In THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS, the core of the action happens on the battlefield, a three-by-three grid where creatures are summoned to attack their rivals. The diverse range of intricately designed characters means that each creature attacks in a different way, making every battle unique and exciting.

    When you select a card and place it on the battlefield, it transforms into an impressive moving 3D creature, ready to destroy your enemies. Each card is carefully detailed with various symbols and information that will affect that character’s performance on the battlefield.

    Between battles, you work your way through an exciting, action-packed story filled with various rivals to face along your journey. Get ready to cast spells, unleash the deadliest creatures and destroy your enemies.

    Eye Of Judgement Portable

    Life is precious

    The aim of the game is to occupy five fields on the board. The key to success within THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS is in-depth knowledge of how the cards work, as you embrace the powers that your creatures and spells possess and use them to defeat your rivals.

    Each player uses a deck of 30 digital game cards, which is made up of a combination of spell and creature cards. You summon a creature or spell using Mana, the energy needed to place digital game cards on the battlefield. Once summoned, creatures engage in a deadly battle and defeat will consign them to the graveyard. Use your spell cards to rotate enemies, reverse elements and heal your own creatures.

    The five elements, fire, earth, water, wood and Biolith, are represented by both colour and texture, and play a key role in preserving the life of your creatures. Creatures summoned to a field belonging to the same element as them gain more hit points, and stay in the game longer. Summon a Bewitching Elf Archeress to a wood field, for example, and it gains hit points as it belongs to this element.

    THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS cards can now be downloaded from PlayStation Store, so let your journey begin.


    Eye Of Judgement Portable

    Perfect your duelling skills

    THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS features a multiplayer mode, that lets you battle with other players both online and offline. One player creates a Duel Room for their opponent to enter, and, once the challenge is accepted, the battle begins.

    To access the multiplayer mode, you must play through a significant part of the story, and battle with the evil Preacher Noova. Once he has been defeated, you can access the multiplayer mode.

    As well as allowing you to battle other players and perfect your duelling skills, multiplayer mode also features a Trading Room. In the Trading Room, select cards that you do not need, and trade them with other players to strengthen your deck.

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