TestYourself: Psychology

  • PS3

Take a series of interactive psychological tests to analyse your personality and mentality.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Creat Studios
  • Developer: Creat Studios
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    • Developed with the help of psychology experts.
    • Analyse two areas of your psychological structure - Nervous System and Intellect.
    • Measure 12 different aspects of your personality, and discover a professional mental assessment for each one.
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    Accurate assessment

    TestYourself: Psychology has been created with the help of psychological experts to give you a deeper understanding of your personality and psychological abilities.

    Along with the various tests and training that are available, you can read up about different psychological traits in the game's Library. Here you can discover why the different elements of your mind matter, read theories behind the tests and find out how each area affects you.

    When you find an aspect that you would like to work on, head to PlayStation Store and download one of the game's packs, each devoted to specific areas of psychological activity such as attention and will.

    Use the Social Test to evaluate your friends and allow them to answer questions about you via PlayStation Network - you'll learn more about your own personality and find out how you come across to others.

    Download TestYourself: Psychology from PlayStation Store and keep your eyes peeled for more packs to build up your own psychological profile.

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    Evaluate your thinking

    If you're looking for a deeper understanding of how your brain works, your personality and how you think, this is the game for you. TestYourself: Psychology allows you to run your own series of tests to determine your strengths in different areas of psychological health.

    Initially, you can evaluate your nervous system and intelligence through a series of fun and stimulating tasks. The Nervous System Test is based on reaction time - the sooner you recognise a sound, colour or shape, the higher you'll score. The Intelligence Test will challenge you to identify patterns, correlations and relationships between various colours, shapes and pictures.

    You can practise your skills at any time in the Training section to improve and evaluate your state of mind before taking a test.

    And with additional game add-ons to download from PlayStation Store, you can assess even more areas of your personality including memory, emotions and creativity, and create a full psychological portrait to help you understand the complex characteristics of your personality.

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