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Get ready for the next battle.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Europe
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Featured Image
    • Take your pick from the biggest ever roster of TEKKEN characters as you challenge up to three friends in a variety of bouts.
    • Experience a dizzying array of move combinations.
    • Discover a range of innovative community features via PlayStation Network.
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    Fighting fit

    Few beat ‘em ups can claim to be as good looking as TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. From the very start you're treated to a dazzling intro that sets the mood for a grand battle between deadly cyborgs, scarred martial artists and even some feisty animals.

    No matter who you choose, each combatant looks incredible. From tutu wearing grizzly bears to mystical entities, the level of detail on TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2's massive roster is a feast for the eyes. Hair thrashes, limbs twist and special moves crackle with energy.

    The beautiful fighting stages are equally impressive, transporting you to memorable locations such as a stunning tulip festival in the Netherlands and an atmospheric underground lair in Japan. Some arenas also change dramatically as you slam your opponent through breakable walls and floors and shatter nearby pots and trinkets.

    Best of all, you can customise this engaging brawler to truly make it your game. Change the background music of each stage, whether it's shuffling the pre-existing soundtrack or importing your own punchy tunes. Then customise the loading screens, the characters' costumes and other details to create the most personalised TEKKEN game ever.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screenshot

    We are TEKKEN

    Who will you fight with... or against? TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 on PlayStation 3 features over 50 characters to delight fans of the series as well as newcomers.

    Those familiar with the King of Iron Fist tournament will welcome the likes of Paul Phoenix and Anna Williams. Meanwhile newer combatants such as the masked Jaycee add something different to the impressive roster.

    Each character brings their distinctive personality to the arena, giving them a unique look and feel. Bryan Fury's crazed laughter during victory complements his maniacal fighting style, whereas the smooth martial arts of Jun Kazama suit her calm nature.

    With so many different characters to choose from, it's best to pick someone who matches your fighting style. If you're a fist flailing brawler who loves power moves, then the likes of Craig Marduk and King may be your first choices. If you prefer someone a little more unpredictable, why not try capoeira expert Eddy Gordo or the wooden training dummy Mokujin, who can mimic any fighting style?

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screenshot

    Get ready for the next battle

    If you've ever wanted to learn jaw-dropping martial arts and then show off your special powers in the tropical rainforest of Brazil or a gorgeous riverside promenade in Paris, then this is one game you can't afford to miss. TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 on PlayStation 3 flies you across the globe to prove your fighting ability.

    Choose your favourites from over 50 characters and prepare for battles which seamlessly blend balletic grace with fearsome combat. Most fighters have over 100 pages of documented moves, ranging from simple kicks and punches to complex combos that will leave your opponents reeling.

    Don't feel intimidated by this beefy catalogue of attacks, however. The entertaining and comprehensive Fight Lab teaches you the basics and advanced techniques, so it's never been easier to learn the incredible depths of TEKKEN. Here you'll master valuable partnership skills such as Tag Throw and Tag Assault, which can deal some devastating damage to hapless rivals. Make sure you time your tags well or you could leave your partner in danger before they return to the sidelines for a health restoring break.

    It's also important to learn the unique relationships the characters share in the story to take advantage of the rage meter. As a fighter's health gets lower during a bout, your resting partner becomes enraged. The better the relationship between partners, the angrier they become, so when you tag them into the battle they experience a temporary strength boost.

    Getting into the rhythm of the game's strategic fighting system is made painless through the variety of modes available to you from the start. You can customise your own training in Practice mode, tackle a series of opponents leading to a final boss in the Arcade Battle and build a roster of up to eight characters for larger fights in Team Battle.

    Fancy something a bit more difficult? Then Time Attack challenges you to finish the game as quickly as possible, while Survival throws endless waves of foes against you until your health has entirely gone. Think you're up to the challenge?

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screenshot

    Join the World TEKKEN Federation

    The heart of any fighting game is in its multiplayer modes, and TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 has plenty to get your blood rushing. Build up your rank by taking part in offline modes such as Ghost Battle. All of your wins, losses and the characters you use are stored on your profile so you're constantly recording your growth as a fighter.

    If you're still not ready to go online, jump into a VS Battle with up to three friends in the same room and enjoy a variety of tag team scraps. Use these opportunities to customise your favourite characters and become familiar with their techniques.

    Ready to go online and take on the world via PlayStation Network? Don't dive straight in yet. Study the best players through replays on the TEKKEN Channel and then warm up on a practice dummy while the game searches for others for you to play against online. Don't forget to register your profile on the World TEKKEN Federation via your PC at http://tag2.tekken.com/register.

    This free service lets you recruit friends, share tips and get in-depth statistics on each fight. It's the perfect partner to TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2, letting you mix it up with a passionate community as you create teams, learn new techniques and go toe to toe with the finest fighters across the globe.

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