TEKKEN Revolution

  • PS3

Get your free-to-play ticket to one of the biggest fighting tournaments of all time.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Europe
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
    Tekken Revolution Featured Image
    • Step into the ring as your favourite Tekken character and pummel your way to victory.
    • Level up your character and hone your fighting skills as you progress through the tournament.
    • Break through walls, break through the floor and ultimately break your opponent.
    Tekken Revolution screenshot

    It's a knockout

    As the latest instalment in a world-beating series, TEKKEN Revolution ups the ante on its predecessors, offering fight fans some of the most spectacular 3D combat imaginable.

    The game is visually dazzling, with beautifully rendered, solid characters that leap, slide and lash out with fantastic fluidity. The interactive battle environments are radiantly drawn, with striking lighting effects and a superb level of detail, while the pumping electronic soundtrack soon works its way into your brain. It's a joy to unleash seven shades of fury on a hapless opponent and hear the pounding music and bone-crunching special effects match the action blow for blow. As you land a critical punch or killer kick, explosive impact effects bloom and cascade around the fighters, adding to the excitement. It's an impressive spectacle.

    Equally applaudable is the dedication the developers have shown in catering to all levels of player experience. Whether you're new to the world of TEKKEN or a battle-hardened veteran of previous games, TEKKEN Revolution’s menu structure and Skill Points system are easy to understand, so you can learn the basics in a few moments and get on with the business at hand - namely, battering all comers to earn the title King of Iron Fist. Good luck.    

    Tekken Revolution screenshot

    Battle royale

    The King of Iron Fist tournament has never attracted your everyday brawler. To have any chance of success, combatants must possess superhuman strength, agility and resilience – not to mention a complete lack of fear. Fortunately, the eight core characters in Tekken Revolution embody all these attributes and more.

    Anyone familiar with the Tekken series will recognise the line-up, which includes fan favourites such as martial arts expert Marshall Law, vicious heiress Lili and the hulking, mohawk-sporting cyborg, Jack. Each fighter has a unique assortment of special skills and attacks, and it’s truly satisfying to master the deadly arts of one knowing that there are loads of equally wild warriors still to explore.

    As you progress through the game and accumulate Gift Points, you’ll also unlock a horde of additional characters, including the moody, mysterious Jin Kazama and Russia’s fearsome White Angel of Death, Sergei Dragunov. There are 16 playable characters in total, plus the promise of further fighters available via downloadable game updates – so the longer you play, the bigger, more brutal and more fun the tournament will become.

    Tekken Revolution screenshot

    Raw fury

    Free to download from PlayStation Store and play, TEKKEN Revolution offers an amazing new way to engage with the world's greatest 3D fighters.

    The action is accessed using Arcade Coins (for the single player mode) or Battle Coins (for the multiplayer modes). These are free although limited in number – and once you’ve used up your current cache you’ll have to wait for it to recharge before you can play again. Alternatively, if you’re impatient to get stuck into your next opponent, you can purchase a bunch of Premium Coins via PlayStation Store. What’s more, if you start a multiplayer battle using a Premium Coin, you can go on fighting until you’re defeated… if you’re ever defeated.

    When you dive into battle, you’ll find all the best aspects of the acclaimed TEKKEN series present and correct, including a bunch of classic characters, relentless one-on-one combat and flurries of glittering special attacks. Some of the wilder moves seem more spectacular than ever, and you’ll be wide-eyed as you rain combo after combo upon unfortunate enemies, each attack sparkling with electric energy.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was all you needed to enjoy martial arts mayhem, but TEKKEN Revolution has another inspired trick up its sleeve in the form of Skill Points. Skill Points are gained by competing in any of the game modes, though winning will earn them quicker than just taking part. Once obtained, you can spend Skill Points on any of the characters in your roster, increasing their power (the strength of their blows), endurance (the length of their health bar) or vigour (their hit rate).

    The Skill Points system encourages strategic thinking and makes fighting much more fun – when you realise that defeating an enemy can lead to a real reward, the tension ramps up to new extremes. In addition, success can earn you XP, which propels you up the rankings, and Gift Points, with which you can unlock a horde of bonus characters. And with so many incentives to win, losing really isn’t an option…

    Tekken Revolution screenshot

    Fight club

    The online multiplayer modes are an exhilarating way to make the most of TEKKEN Revolution, as you pit your skills against mates and fellow fans across the globe.

    There are two types of multiplayer battle: a Player Match, which is a one-off duel with no effect on your ranking, or a Rank Match, the outcome of which will affect your standing in the online leader boards. Competing in multiplayer battles will earn you Skill Points at a faster rate than if you just stick to the solo Arcade Mode, so it’s definitely worth hooking up with other players from the vast TEKKEN Revolution community and finding out who is the real King of Iron Fist.

    Don’t forget, it’s no big deal if you don’t win every bout straight out of the gate – true success takes time and Skill Points. Grab yourself a bag of Premium Coins, master the warriors at your disposal and come out fighting. Remember: today’s rookie is tomorrow’s champion.

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