Tekken™ Dark Resurrection

The world's greatest fighting game is back with new characters, new stages, new features and new moves!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
    • The entire Dark Resurrection arcade game remastered and enhanced
    • Beam a demo to friends via Game Sharing and humiliate them in Wireless two-player battles
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    Tekken: Dark Resurrection

    Get ready for the biggest and best Tekken experience yet as the King of Iron Fist Tournament goes handheld.

    For those unfamiliar with the Tekken series, it's based around the King of Iron Fist Tournament, a worldwide martial arts tournament held by the Mishima family financial empire. Fighters face a host of colourful and deadly fighters in the tournament until one is victorious and crowned the King of Iron Fist. What this means for the gamer is one-on-one fighting action from a massive cast of martial arts experts and one of the most engaging and intricate beat 'em up experiences around.

    Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a conversion of the monstrously successful PlayStation 2 game, Tekken 5. But rather than just directly convert the game, Namco have pushed it even further and included two brand new characters never before seen in a Tekken game. Lili is the spoiled 16-year-old daughter of a Monaco oil magnate who combines breathtaking agility with a deadly streetfighting style, (and probably one of those tiny dogs that lives in a handbag). The other newcomer, Dragunov is a Russian SPETSNAZ agent with a face only a mother could love. However, he does have some of the most devastating throws in the game along with some truly awesome combos. Both are fine additions to the already impressive roster, which now sits at a jaw-dropping 34 characters selectable from the first time you play the game. All of the characters can be fully customised with a wide range of cool and wacky accessories that you can buy using gold you earn in the single player game, ranging from shinguards for Jin through to a little Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy perched on Lili's head. The characters also include returning favourites like Armor King and Eddy Gordo as well as the usual roster of Mishimas, Kazamas and Williamses, but there really is a character here for everyone. Fans of martial artists can choose between Lei Wulong's five form animal kung fu and Marshall Law's Bruce Lee-inspired Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing fans have Bryan Fury and Bruce Irvin, and even fans of genetically engineered fighting animals are not left wanting with the inclusion of Roger Jr. Kuma and Panda. 

    The graphics are simply breathtaking. Characters look amazingly detailed, full of emotion and incredibly lifelike, and the environmental effects really bring the stages to life with stunningly realistic grass, water and floors and walls that shatter and warp as fighters are driven into them by their opponents. The sound is great too, with pounding techno music that fits the mood of the game perfectly along with great ambient sound design and top-notch voice-over work.

    Multiplayer however is where Tekken: Dark Resurrection really shines. You can challenge your friends via Ad Hoc Mode or Game Sharing from one disc, but the most interesting addition to Tekken: Dark Resurrection is the inclusion of the new Tekken Ghost feature. This allows you to record yourself fighting, stringing together your best combos and most devastating moves, which you can then upload to the web for others to download and fight against. You can download other people's ghosts too, and fight against people from all over the world. It's a great idea, and should provide a theoretically inexhaustible supply of opponents to play against. When playing online lag is almost non-existent, vital for a beat 'em up, and for the competitive out there there are also leader boards for the top players in an exhaustive selection of categories. 

    As if that wasn't enough, Tekken Dark Resurrection also features some great mini-games, including Tekken bowling, and Gold Rush, where each blow you land on your opponent earns you cash to spend in the game's customisation store. This is in addition to brand new single player mode Tekken Dojo, where you rise up the ranks by defeating opponents and can unlock new items and movies.

    Put simply, Tekken: Dark resurrection is THE game that you need to own on PSP. If you've never played a Tekken game before, now is the time to start with this definitive version, and if you're already a fan you'll need no further convincing. Let battle commence!

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