Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Get recruited into an elite anti-terrorist organisation as Syphon Filter makes its explosive PS2 debut.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEA

    The shadowy world of terrorism never sleeps, and for Gabe Logan the battle to rid the planet of nefarious organisations has become too much work for one man. Setting up an elite agency to train operatives in terrorist suppression, Gabe takes a breather from bullet-dodging to concentrate on overseeing the rookie recruits on their missions.

    As with Gabe's three sorties on PS one, you can embark on a solo journey to rid the globe of deadly commandos dedicated to their chosen cause.

    In keeping with the series' theme, The Omega Strain places you in the thick of things, with a lethal virus outbreak occurring simultaneously in locations across the world. With none of the known terrorist organisations claiming responsibility for the attack, the origins of the virus are a mystery. Whoever is behind the release of the 'Omega Strain' though, it's up to you to locate the source and neutralise the risk to the populations threatened by the strike.

    Fans of previous Syphon Filters will be reassured to hear that this mostly involves traipsing around the globe and unloading the contents of a pleasingly large array of weaponry on wave after wave of terrorist goons.

    As one of the chosen few trained by Logan's agency, you'll be sent on a variety of missions which will require a careful combination of strategy and teamwork when out in the field. But before you can begin tracking down the virus' origin, you'll need to kit-out your agent using the detailed customisation feature. Choose your recruit's facial features, hair colour, uniform and accessories, then get down to business in your snazzy new military get-up.

    Whether you decide to embark on virus-suppressing endeavours alone or with your compatriots, you'll still have access to over 100 unique pieces of cool gadgetry and weapons. Only four can be carried at any given time, however, so you'll need to get your pragmatic head on.

    There are 17 intense missions to battle and strategise your way through, each set in huge, diverse environments, including Yemen and Chechnya. The outcome of each mission affects the storyline, so you'll definitely want to enter the fray more than once.

    • Take on deadly commandos as a fully customised agency operative
    • Get to grips with 100 unique gadgets and weapons
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