Street Fighter X TEKKEN

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Two iconic fighting series slug it out in the ultimate beat ’em up experience.

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  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
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  • Join an amazing tag team matchup, with iconic brawlers from TEKKEN and Street Fighter, making up one of the most diverse character line-ups in fighting game history.
  • Battle dozens of playable characters including Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from Street Fighter as well as Kazuya, Nina and Bob from TEKKEN.
  • Experience new gameplay mechanics to suit fans of both series.
Street Fighter X TEKKEN screenshot

Packing a punch

With its slickly animated, hand-drawn style, Street Fighter X TEKKEN on PlayStation 3 doesn't pull any punches. Whether you're choosing characters such as the monstrous Ogre or the overconfident M. Bison, each fighter brings a colourful and vibrant flair that makes them a joy to watch and interact with.

While this is one of the few times the TEKKEN warriors have been in playable 2D, none of them loses the dynamic energy they're known for. Going toe-to-toe with the Street Fighter roster, battles are spectacles of flashy moves, stylish stances and dramatic effects.

Each animated battleground also features a variety of events to tempt your eyes away from the action. Like the fighting itself, anything can happen in the backgrounds of Street Fighter X TEKKEN, as mammoths chase hovercrafts and guest stars put on a show. Can you spot the lurking likes of Haggar from Final Fight or even the game's producer Yoshinori Ono?

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Clash of the titans

Two world dominating beat 'em ups collide for the first time in Street Fighter X TEKKEN on PlayStation 3 - and with them comes an incredible variety of characters to choose from. Over 40 battlers are in the race to possess the mysterious Pandora, each with their own fighting style and personality. If you've enjoyed either Street Fighter or TEKKEN you'll find a favourite here... along with a few surprises.

From Capcom's roster of hardened world warriors, the well-known likes of Vega, Ryu and Chun-Li are joined by some of the new faces from Street Fighter IV, such as Able and Rufus. A few others have escaped from the mean streets of Capcom's other brawling masterwork, Final Fight, to join the game as well, including Poison and Hugo.

Namco Bandai's TEKKEN fights back with a great selection of fighters, such as Jin, Bob and Julia. These King of Iron Fist veterans use a different style of fighting that blends perfectly with the Street Fighter characters, so no matter who you choose you'll find yourself right at home.

There are a few other unexpected guest stars making their fighting game debut. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan mascot Toro and his neighbour Kuro become the first feisty felines to fight in Street Fighter X TEKKEN, while inFAMOUS' electric hero Cole MacGrath is also available to play. There are even more characters to discover - can you find them all?

Street Fighter X TEKKEN Gamescom 2011 screenshot

Cross the line

Are you a World Warrior or the King of Iron Fist? Street Fighter X TEKKEN on PlayStation 3 seamlessly blends these two classic series into an incredible experience no fighting game fan can ignore.

Set on a 2D environment, the rules are simple - beat your opponent before they defeat you. Street Fighter X TEKKEN packs a powerful one-two punch of being accessible and deep, so anyone can pick it up and play, while it takes time to master the mechanics to get the most out of the game.

Using a tag team format, you choose two characters from a collection of over 40 and duke it out, switching between the two to change your fighting style and allowing your partner to recover health. Along with a staggering variety of special moves and techniques, there is also the Gem System which grants your fighters additional boosts such as speed or defence. Should you find yourself in trouble, you can also sacrifice one of your partners for a temporary increase in strength, although be warned - if you don't defeat your opponent in this limited time you will automatically lose the bout.

With its deep fighting system and a wealth of unlockable characters and features, Street Fighter X TEKKEN has something for everyone. Whether you're a Street Fighter sensei or a TEKKEN master, Capcom has created a game which is rich and rewarding without sacrificing the appeal of either series.

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Dream team supreme

No fighting game is complete without a great range of multiplayer options to battle your mates, and Street Fighter X TEKKEN on PlayStation 3 doesn't disappoint. Before you put on your fighting gloves, it's best to warm up in the Training mode or tackle the comprehensive Tutorial mode, hosted by everybody's favourite Street Fighter punching bag, Dan.

Not ready for the big matchup quite yet? Then the Trial and Mission modes are ideal to hone your skills. Mission mode tasks you with defeating a computer-controlled opponent under special conditions, while Trial puts you through your paces as you perform a variety of special moves and combos.

Now it's time to customise your favourite characters. Street Fighter X TEKKEN lets you change the fighters' costume colours, the type of special ability Gems you can use during bouts, your quick combos and your personal Battle Profile. Don't forget to set up the controls as you want as well, so there are no excuses in the heat of battle.

If you're ready to step into the ring, up to three friends can join you offline and online via PlayStation Network for four player fights. While the regular mode allows you to tag your partner in and out of the bout, Scramble mode lets all four of you jump into battle at once for the ultimate in chaotic combat.

Street Fighter X TEKKEN allows you to play how you want to play. Strategy is all-important when you have a partner relying on you, and the fast and furious gameplay is matched by the fun of discovering which characters work well together. Don't forget you can train together online in the Briefing Room and study the very best players in Replay mode.

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