Street Fighter™ IV

  • PS3

Play as your favourite characters and some incredible new ones as Street Fighter returns, bigger and better than ever.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
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    Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to its roots by taking the beloved fighting moves and techniques of the original Street Fighter II, and infusing them with Capcom’s latest advancements in next generation technology to create a truly extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to the time-honoured art of virtual martial arts.

    Everything that made the legendary Street Fighter II a hit in the arcades and on home consoles across the globe has been brought back in Street Fighter IV.

    Players will be able to play their favourite classic characters, such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile, along with new characters, including Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus.

    Characters and environments are rendered in stylised 3D, while the game is played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. Six-button controls for the game return, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the gameplay system.

    Street Fighter IV brings a brand new fighting game to fans the world over.

    • Classic 2D Street Fighter six-button gameplay re-imagined in 3D for a new generation of gamers, including all your favourites from the original cast of Street Fighter II and all-new characters
    • New special moves including Focus Attacks, Super Combos, and the revenge-fuelled Ultra Combo system
    • New gameplay elements provide challenges for both newcomers as well as the most seasoned Street Fighter pro
    Street Fighter IV screenshot2

    Street Fighter IV brings a classic home

    You can't keep a good fighter down as Capcom proves with the return of its massively popular beat 'em up series. Street Fighter IV has arrived on PlayStation 3 and it's hitting harder than ever.

    The title which became synonymous with videogames during the 1990s re-enters the ring, fresh for a fight on PlayStation 3. While there have been many games related to the colossal series, Street Fighter IV's numerical predecessor goes back as far as the late 90s, followed by a couple of remixed iterations a few years later. The fans - and Capcom's fighter - have never been hungrier for success… and the wait has been worth it.

    Round one...

    With so many fighting games taking the leap into 3D, Street Fighter IV sticks to its roots, rendering the characters and backgrounds in three dimensions while keeping the gameplay on a traditional 2D plane. The result is an impressive blend of visuals and classic playability, complete with a mixture of old familiars such as Ryu, Ken and Chun Li, and new fighters such as female super-spy Crimson Viper, lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte and mixed martial artist Abel.

    Using a hand drawn style, SFIV features a beautiful look that marries the second and third dimensions. Fighters look solid and are animated smoothly, seamlessly blending each movement fluidly, complimented by artistic ink smudges, sprays and effects. Backgrounds change dynamically as the rounds progress while the pyrotechnics of special moves, especially those which finish a fight, are spectacular.

    Similarly, the presentation of SFIV is extremely polished, with nice touches such as the fully voice acted and animated sequences for each character's story intro and ending sequence and an increasing sense of drama thanks to a stirring musical score for when your chosen fighter tackles his or her nemesis. It all works to bring you closer to the game and envelop you in each battle.

    Don’t call it a comeback

    While its graphics and presentation take the spotlight during these opening impressions, its slick gameplay maintains these positives. Controls are smooth and intuitive with a set of on-screen menus to teach you the various special moves of each fighter. There's a challenge in learning each character's idiosyncrasies and the depth of the fighting system, which includes the ability to parry and counter attack, string combinations together and more, meaning there's plenty here for newcomers and veterans alike.

    Fights are extremely tactical rather than button bashing chaos, making Capcom's title a thinking man's beat 'em up. Street Fighter IV is all about reading your opponent and acting appropriately before they do. Risky moves are rewarded with high damage if you pull them off, while threatening devastating consequences should you miss, meaning each attack must be considered carefully - although the quick pace of each fight keeps the tempo high and exciting.

    There are even taunts which can be used for those who wish to show off during a bout, leaving you open to attack, although perfect to add a little spice and humour to proceedings, especially when it comes to online play where you can challenge friends and others on PlayStation Network.

    The World Warrior challenges you

    With its glut of different features (such as the ability to view artwork and animations, and the Challenge Mode, which puts you through a series of tense and varying challenges) and finely tuned gameplay, Street Fighter IV delivers a great fight. It looks the part and plays slickly, making virtual martial arts as fresh as it was way back in the 1990s. Capcom's beat 'em up goes the distance in brilliant form.

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